Ipod Dock recomendation?
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Jan 17, 2007
I have an 80g ipod Classic sitting in an Apple Dock, running mostly lossless files thu a Headroom Micro Amp to my AKG 701s and Senn 650s. When in the office alone, I play then thru Bose computer speakers I bought before learning about the joys of headphones.

About once a day or so, I need to pull the wires from the back of the Apple Dock to get the left speaker working again. I am guessing, since it is not the wires (i checked), and hoping its not the amp, that its the dock's fault.

So . . any recomendations on a new dock?
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no responses?

did i post this in the wrong place?
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The Wadia Digital 170i is the best there is, because it bypasses the iPod's cheapo DAC... but the downside is you'll need to buy a decent DAC as well...

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The Klipsch iGroove series seems like an economical choice, espicially when they're about $100 and the naive consumer-level people who bought it even said that it's better than the Bose Sound Dock.

Speaking of which, if you want to look all cool in the office, Bose Sound Docks run for ~125 used on Craigslist.
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This is coming out sometime. Ultra Dock by Bel Canto for a cool 2500 Bucks.

This Chord DAC that takes a special modified Ipod cost as much as a new car. Over 10,000 bucks


"Wadia's iTransport was a big hit at last year's show, so they are back this year with a pile of new products. Using the same form factor as the iTransport is the new Series 1 121 DAC/pre. Two versions will be available: $999 for the basic unit and $1,499 for the base unit plus a built-in headphone amp designed by Ray Samuals"

Got this stuff from Stereophile CES report.

Thought this stuff would be fun to look at and drool?
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Gee Big Poppa, you dont want to scare him off. The belcanto is a dock + dac and upsamples everything if you like that digital sound. The chord doc is a multipurpose dac (has everytype input and ouput imaginable) including a ipod doc that requires one of there modified ipod to get digital out of the ipod. It also has a headphone amp built in. Its a all in one unit for the 10000 and has inputs and outputs to attach different sources and amps if one so to choose since it has the updated dac64 in it. Oh well probably tmi. If you really want good quality you can get the wadia modded for 400-2500 which will go up against some of the best cd players out there. Thats the way Im going to go. In the end, it will probably be cheaper to buy the all in one chord but where is the fun in that.
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This is Head-Fi
Had to stir the pot a little
Just nice toy's to look at.

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