ipod classic or something else?
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Oct 5, 2007
hi looking to upgrade from a 1st gen 4gb nano
i use minibox-e and yuin pk1's so a line out is essential.

looking towards hdd based players for the space, but i guess i dont mind a 16gb flash unit
ipod classic appeals because of the line out, quite like the scroll wheel, and well my LOD etc will all still work. i dont particularly like itunes, but can live with it

so is there any other alternatives out there?
looking for:
line out - is it jjust me or do very few players seem to have this.
more likely hdd (16gb flash would be alright i guess. but hdd probably better)
decent battery life

nano doesnt have a decent EQ so i never got attached to that feature.

so any other recommendations - rmemebering that the ipod classic, is pretty good for the price i think, considering the features.
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yeh i know that much, just wondering what other alternatives i had in the price range,

also i know coverflow can be turned off, but does that mean that the song info takes up the whole screen or just half still...
cause that would be a real dealbreaker if it only used half the screen.

if it does i'll go for a old 5.5g
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The song info is always full-screen. And coverflow is never turned off. It's just another option in the Music Menu right next to Artist, Album, Genre, etc. You don't have to use it if you don't want to.
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Now playing screen:
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If you can cope with 16GB flash then see what you think of the iPod Touch.

I'm really happy with my 160GB Classic - and now my iPod is the same size as my laptop's hard drive
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cheers for the pic uppis,
not exactly what i had in mind, but well its good enough i guess.
the touch never appealed to me i guess... if i wanted to watch videos i'd do it on a laptop at least, n i watch a hell of alot of videos/tv on my laptop hahaha

n well 80gb is so tempting :p
thanks all. looks like i'll be getting a classic as soon as the firmware hdd problem is ironed out
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Still, I've never had any kind of hdd problems with my 160gb..
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while you are waiting for the classic to update their problems... install rockbox on your nano for the customizable EQ...

sure, my 1G nano 4gb only runs about 4 hours on a full charge, but it runs a damn good 4 hours!
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i've seen rockbox on an old iriver, but ummmm what advantages does it have besides the EQ,
considering currently that the ipod plays all the file formats i need, i dont use EQ, ummmm n i dont really need all the extra's like games and stuff....

just curious since it seems to be highly regarded
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In rockbox you can tweak sound in many different ways and it also allows you to use ipod as a drag and drop mode. It supports many different formats, for example ogg and flac. But based on my experience, it suck battery up faster than apple's OS. Myself I prefer original OS, its more practical and looks a way better.
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The 30GB Zune is 90$ on buy.com. I ordered a re-furbished one and it came sealed from Microsoft with a 1 year warranty. I'm not into mp3 players too much but now I can't stop using this Zune.
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There are some bugs they still need to work out with the firmware, but overall I am happy with my 80gb Classic.

The new Zunes might be worth looking into as well... not sure if they are out yet.

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