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iPod classic broke - need a worthy successor - PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pimpl, Jul 20, 2011.
  1. pimpl
    Hallo everyone!
    First I have to say, that I love this forum and really appreciate all the help provided here. So, Thank you all!
    Well, my third (!) iPod classic finally broke and I need a repalement that sounds equivalent or better.
    I obviously won't buy another classic (- that would be my fourth), just to find it broken after a while again..
    I use the UE Triple.fi 10 and listen to all kinds of music. I always turn the EQ off, as I want my music to sound natural and balanced.
    I read that some players might have issues with the Triple.fi's, resulting in a weak bass response, respectivement a non linear frequency response. Where can I get more information on that? Which player "won't fit" my Triple.fi's and which go well with my earphones? Do the iPods have the same problem?
    What I like(d) about my iPod classic is its clairity, detail and punchy bass. I used to have an iPod Color whose SQ I really did not like: the sound was very muddy and had a terrible static hiss; the bass was too weak. But the classic sounded much clearer, richer and had a much nicer bass.
    For me the sound quality is by far the most important thing. So could you recommend me some really great sounding players?
    (I woun't use a headphone amp..)
    Thanks in advance!
  2. sashava
    There is only one competitor - in hard drive storage:Cowon X7
  3. pimpl
    I don't mind the storage technology.. could be a flash player, too. It's just the sound quality that matters to me.
  4. b0wl1ng

    Ever thought about sending it off for a quoted repair ? many ipod doctors out there, even the hard drive can be replaced.

  5. sashava
    Nobody complains about X7 SQ;you will not be disappointed in SQ department,anything else
    possible is to much money: Cowon V5-64G plus 64G card will break your wallet

  6. zammykoo
    How did the ipod break? Did the hard drive stop functioning?
    If you are handy with tools then you can revive the ipod by replacing the old hard drive with a compact flash card with an adapter. It becomes a solid state music player and you won't ever have to worry about mechanical drive failure. There is also additional benefits such as navigation speed increase and quicker startup.
  7. estreeter
    Psst - want 640GB of hard drive and the ability to play any-format-you-care-to-name for under 500 bucks ?
  8. pimpl
    Yay.. I already have a pc.. :wink: But its not very mobile!
    I can't sync the ipod any more.. I formated the hdd several times and restored the ipod.. when i try to sync, itunes does not react any more. If I use it as an external drive and get some data on it, the data can not be read back from the ipod.
    So I guess it's defenitly the hdd which is defect.
    I ordered that ipod opening tool and I still have an old hdd from the previous classic - but i know how bloody difficult it is to open the classic without destroying it. I'm not sure if I can repair it, but I'm gonna try it once again.
    The Cowons have that issues with multiple BA-Driver earphones. Notice the weak bass response:
    I did a research and am surprised: it really seems that all new ipods have one of the - or simply THE best SQ of all mp3-players.
    Especially the iphone 4 is sad to have the best SQ of any device and has no issues with high end in ears:
    So I think, if the classic is lost, I'm gonna buy the next touch..
  9. sashava
    Weak bass response? not in my ears!
    you have BBE Mach3Bass and X-Bass for help.
    From economical point of view your choice might be right - free i-pods!they have lucky draw for qualified posters,contact their marketing department.
  10. pimpl
    ?? I don't understand your answer!
  11. estreeter
    PC ? Nah - my netbook weighs a hell of a lot less than a PC.
  12. zammykoo


    I know you are probably getting a new player, but just for kicks if there's a way to revive it that'll be awesome.
    Now, are you sure its the hard drive that's failing? I have ran into a problem while trying to repair my old 4th gen ipod but cannot restore with snow leopard's itunes. I have read somewhere that you may need an older version of itunes (maybe around the same timeframe as when the ipod is made). So if you happen to come across, or have an old mac you should try restoring from that machine. YMMV, but worth a try if you have access to the old itunes.
  13. pimpl
    Yeahr!! It works now!
    I managed to replace the HDD with my old 80GB HDD without damaging the ipod too much. It still looks fine and works perfectly now.
    (Opening process was horrible! Stupid apple..)
  14. Revi
    It's sad that the iPhone, with all its gizmos and main focusing on applications, thrashes other DAPs that specify in the music area.
  15. dippyboy_87
    One day the other DAPs would thrash the iphone in its phone functionality [​IMG]..

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