iPod Blu-Tak mod
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Okay, let me say that I haven't yet tested this since it's too late here to go modding..
But perhaps you, your friend or someone you vaguely know has tried this:

iPod Budget Tweak

Please post results if you've done this! I surely will once I get it done tomorrow

Edit: This actually works! Sound is warmer and bass slam is better.. How weird is that!
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It's a nice find, but without going to the extent of doing it, I'm a blatant disbeliever in any significant changes to the sound from doing this. I'm interested however to see what you or others think.
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Originally Posted by SpudHarris /img/forum/go_quote.gif
What does the blutack actually do or change? I don't get it.

It gives you the impression that it does something and therefore, a perceived difference in sound.

I think it's supposed to dampen the vibrations from the hard drive or something. Who knows
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(the layer and separation is better and the music is more musical)
Well I saw his other projects, but maybe this is a joke entry? "The music is more musical?"
I would think that it caused less airflow and therefore allowed your components get warmer, who knows?
60 Black gates though? (Other entry)
That seems excessive for even an audio project.
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If the bluetack etc was placed around crystals or components with internal crystals it adds mass.

The lager the mass an object has the less it is affected by vibration.
The extra mass will absorb the external vibration.

As it is the vibration of the crystal that creates the clock speed, external vibration should be minimized.

Rather than bluetack, it is more common to see rubber, or mylar pads placed under verticaly mounted crystal, to reduce vibration.

While sound in theory, I doubt it has any substantial effect.
The rest of the design would be more importnat than a little damping.
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Well, it's not completely placebo after all. I did blutack mod around 5-6 years ago on my Shanling CDP. It did bring the different.

Then, I was introduced to VTS Marigo Dot. This brought a large enhancement. You can try yourself and buy some (I'm not a seller or related with specific brand). Put it on your opamp and DAC. Hear the different. If I could recall my brain correctly, mine was tested on ECHO AudioFire, Kimber Silver Streak interconnect, Kimber 8TS speaker cable, and fed into solid state integrated amp and Monitor Audio floorstander (I forgot the model/type).

After I knew VTS, I just realized the Blutack produced "soft/quite" background but also "compress the dynamic", while VTS didn't.

I also ever tried Shun Mook for tuning up my speaker.

Few months ago, I was introduced to Music Snap (I don't know where this came from? My friend just gave me some to try). A little bit different concept with VTS, but also produce "unbelievable" result (or "placebo" for some people who speaks before they try?).

Within over 15 years my journey on audio, many unbelievable things in this audio world. Some are explainable, some are not (yet explainable). I think just put respect to other who has different perception. Music is about our own enjoyment, right?

PS: VTS and Music Snap most likely explainable with Micro Decharge d'Interface and Pierre Johannet keywords. Try to look around at Google before saying it as "placebo".

Blutack mod is "poor's man style". It brings improvement, as long as you put it right, but for better result, you should go with VTS or Music Snap or perhaps else such as Shun Mook.

My $0.02.

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Okay, crazy news.

This actually works!

Yesterday I made a playlist with songs so I could hear them a few times. I listened to each song about 3 times at least when everything was untouched.
I used the Dynamat Xtreme black goo instead of blu-tack, as that was the only anti-vibration goodie I had laying around.
After that I opened up my Mini, put some on the DAC and two clocks.
Then I opened my Move to put some on the two single channel opamps and something on the voltage regulator. Put everything back together again and started listening.

I pretty soon noticed that the music was way less harsh (LME49710's might do that to you), airier and warmer. Must investigate further..

Edit: I must be going crazy.. the headphone out is now improved as well.. more bass slam, better to listen to.
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I can't believe there's a night-and-day difference. If one experience such great differences it's probably placebo or the volume isn't exactly the same. If it's true it should easily be audible live. I'm going to do this on my Zero DAC.
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It surely is no day and night difference, but it's very useful as fine-tuning.
The only placebo I always have is that I'm afraid I messed something up, thus "searching" for errors.
This time everything sounded better
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Someday, if you have budget, you can try to look around for VTS Marigo Dot or Music Snap (I dont really know about this one, just a gift from my friend).

They both will give "more significant" improvement, compared with the old blu-tack trick as you have tried now.

Blu-tack is cheap, but at some point, it will "compress" your music a little bit (you feel a little bit warm/less harsh, right?) At this point, you actually "lose" some of your details to. Dont use it too much or try to put at different location, as suggested on the jimmyauw.com blog - until you get the "sound" that you like. Or as I've suggested before, try VTS Marigo Dot or Music Snap.

I've been there...


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