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Ipod 5g > FLAC > Earsonics SM2 What should i improve upon next?

  1. Jmstrmbn
     Hi as the title says im not sure what direction to head in next, im really happy with the SM2s so i won't be purchasing new phones anytime soon.  My general plan is to buy a total bithead within the next few months and then save to get the ipod imoded.  Is this a sound plan or should i go a different route?
  2. Jmstrmbn
    Cmon guys someone must have an opinion?
  3. poliact
    Make it an imod, get some external capacitors, get a good lod, a good mini to mini, then get an amp finally.
  4. Jmstrmbn
    wouldn't getting the imod first defeat the purpose since i can't really use the imod to its potential without an amp?

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