iPod 3G Rockbox trouble
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Jelle Schrijver

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Mar 17, 2008
Hi all,

Recently installed Rockbox on my old 3G 40GB iPod. Beginning to love it, but run in some trouble:

It will only play gapless with my apple lossless files, if using AAC it gaps every few seconds. I have crossfeed on, param eq off
, crossfade off
, and hardware eq bass on. Simple WPS screen (no VU

Also when updating the iPod through itunes, the iPod dies after a certain time. It's even so bad that even my MacOSX dies with it some times (
i swapped from windows XP to mac OSX the get rid off this kind of problems
). I am noticing a strange sound from my iPod HDD just before it dies on me, a swirl bump bump repeating noise. Could it be that the HDD is worn out and in doing so causing the CPU making overtime. And that this is the reason i can not get gapless playback with all the goodies on?

Anybody out there with similar problems? Because i hope to find a good solution because i really like the advanced sound options. It got me dreaming of swapping the iPod HDD with a SSD/flash and use the spare room to alter some electronics, drop in a really big battery pack. The alterations i was thinking off are to change the caps on the headphone out with better SQ and less value to get less bass roll off. Also, reading about the great SQ of the 1G shuffle by implementing Darlington transistor on the output, that same technic could be used on my 3G. And if i can squeeze a third channel for headphone ground in there, i really would be a happy camper. No more outboard headamp, now that is portable....

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