iPhone + Special iPhone Dock Line out not working?
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Oct 3, 2007
Hi Guys,
I bought a special iPhone Dock Line Out from ALO audio (jumbo cryo) but when I plug it into my iPhone, nothing happens. Sometimes I get the RF thing (that forces it into airplane mode due to the LOD) that lets me use my portable amp, but 3/4th of the time that dosen't come up. Is there any way to ensure that it'll come up or to force it up?
How do you guys use your LODs with your iPhones?

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I noticed that my griffin adapter that worked on my 4G iPod didn't work on my iPhone, I haven't looked into a line out for the phone besides the dock though.
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i think i remember reading that the iphone has to be turned off, then the dock plugged in, then turn the iphone back on.

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