iPhone is without APTX... then what to choose?

  1. RiseFall123

    I am pretty happy lately with Roon>Tidal>My DAC>Senn HD650.

    I wish to have a secondary listening headphone setup, for my bedroom, to use only with iPhone and Tidal (no Roon, no laptop).

    I absolutely DON'T want cables.

    I have a big issue called: APTX. As you know, Apple doesn't support it, so, I am a little afraid about buying something Bluetooth because the quality will be... poor?

    So, I need an advice, I prefer do not buy an Android or another device apart my iPhone, I need something that will sound great with my Apple device but also, I am afraid that I will pay a lot for something that will sound not-so-good as is price.

    Any advice? Maybe, since Tidal uses ALAC (I am right?) I shoud choose something that supports it? It will give me the quality that I cannot have with the lacks of the APTX in such way?

    And... something to advice? My budget is 300 euros about. I read that Momentum 2 cannot compete with my HD650, so something better?
  2. Lynnfield
    Lightning/usb to Sennheiser BTD500 aptx works for me.
  3. jfvny
    For use with an iPhone, you'll want headphones that support AAC

    Though there might not be much difference tbh. Personally, I've found AAC to be better sounding than the standard SBC, but I've not performed double blind tests, so can't rule out that I'm being biased. Also, I don't notice differences on all tracks either, so take from that what you will. And regarding aptX, there are tests that have shown there's negligible improvement in audio quality over SBC (see this, and also this). And I ran a little test (link to post in other thread here), that with an AAC enabled headphone, quality is the same regardless of initial file format.

    tl;dr, if your player is an iOS device, the best sound quality you'll see are from getting good AAC enabled headphones

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