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iPhone drop outs with new CCK

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by Angular Mo, Jun 14, 2017.
  1. Angular Mo
    Any dedicated iPhone users experiencing audio dropouts when connecting a low-power consuming USB DAC/AMP dongle to the new CCK with the lightning and USB port.

    I prefer the user interface and connectivity of my iPhone as a source over buying a dedicated DAP.

    This is extremely frustrating.
  2. sonance
    I occasionally listen to a AQ Firefly Red via official apple lightning USB adapter (CCK?) to my iPhone 6s plus, via Tidal (or Spotify for some albums not on Tidal). I haven't spent too much time listening in this format, but yes, I do remember it dropping a few times. Not constantly, but it would. It almost seemed like the iPhone was in power saving mode or something.
  3. RAQemUP
    Since the 10.3 UI update, a lot of people are experiencing connectivity issues with several different typea of amp/DACs. The issue hasn't been fix in any of the 10.3.x updates. It's been noted by some users that the iOS 11 beta has it fixed though.
  4. turkayguner
    My iPhone 5s has the latest OS installed and I am checking it with my Apogee One with the stock cable provided by Apogee which is a lightning to a special proprietary plug at the One's end. I think it might be the CCK causing problems.
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  5. turkayguner
    I'm listening for many hours and not a single drop, random pause or anything yet with iPhone 5s (iOS 10.3.2) to Apogee One with original Apogee OTG cable. I will check it out with Apple CCK + Mojo (just ordered) when my unit arrives. Gotta stop the test and charge my phone and the batteries now.

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  6. davelarz
  7. jurumal
    I can confirm his same problem. I'm running iOS 10.3.2.
  8. turkayguner
    I guess I must feel lucky with not updating my 10.2 iPad mini 4
  9. jurumal
    My iPads actually running 10.3.1. No drop outs so far *knock on wood*.

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