iPhone 8: Better sound quality vs iPhone 7 or 6!?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by phiemon, Oct 5, 2017.
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  1. balcy24
    It was not to make it waterproof as the LG V30 water rating is higher with the headphone jack. I am still using a 3 year old iPhone 6 Plus because of Apple dumping the headphone jack. Since the iPhone 3GS I had upgraded to a new iPhone every 1-2 years. I was going to switch to the Pixel 2 this year but Google also dumped the headphone jack even after making fun of Apple for doing it the year before (that and having to replace all of my purchased apps).

    In my quest for the best semi-portable sound possible I first bought a Beyer T-1 and paired it with an iFi iDSD Micro for the 6 Plus. It sounded excellent but was not the easiest to carry around. Then I bought a used pair of Shure SE846s and love them with no amp. I was about to upgrade to the LG V30 for the excellent audio but am now reading about some significant OLED screen issues. Sad that you must pay so much for a flagship phone and not get what people want/expect.
  2. Ryland Johnson

    Ah, I see you are still trying to find that perfect system. Nirvana doesn't exist and the more you look the further away perfection will be? Try to find a sound you enjoy, a sound that gives you that goose bump feeling and brings a smile to your face then stop looking.

    No mobile is perfect. I own the Note 8 also the iPhone 8 plus and they are both great mobiles. I use the iPhone as my mobile music source with either the Teac HA50-SE or the Oppo HA-2 SE, both superb mobile DAC-amps. Its the only combination I have found in the past 18 months of trying to find a portable sound I can enjoy. Tried all sorts of DAP's etc and in every situation its always a compromise.

    Hope you find a system that you enjoy.

  3. balcy24
    I guess I wasn't very clear but I found the sound I really enjoy with the iPhone 6 Plus using JRemote and SE846s but my iPhone is now over 3 years old so it is time to replace it. You mentioned goose bumps while listening. The first time I used this combination I was sitting on my deck outside and listening to Glenn Frey's "Here's to Life" and had that goose bump moment when I heard the sound behind the music for the first time. It was the vibration of a bass string that hit the fret board by accident. I played it back on the home system and there it was all along but not nearly as noticeable.

    With Apple choosing to remove the headphone jack, which way to go now is not very clear. Does using the dongle affect the sound quality? Has anyone tried the the lightning iPhone cable for the Shure's? That may be the simplest solution with an iPhone 8. If the iPhone 8 though the lightning port sounds as good as the 6 through the headphone jack then I will be a very happy camper!

  4. RickB
    I haven't tried the Shure lightning cable (I don't have Shure IEMs anyway.), but I have the 1More Triple Driver Lightning IEM with an 8 Plus and the sound is excellent indeed.

    Theoretically, you can have better sound because the IEM company can fine tune the sound of the DAC in the cable to better match the earphones.
  5. Ryland Johnson

    Hi. As with every smartphone made to achieve the best sound possible one needs to use an external DAC-Amp. I use either the Teac HA50SE or the Oppo HA2SE, both offer a superb quality of sound that even drive my Sennheiser HD650 .
    I think we have to accept the limitations of a smartphone and to achieve the higher lever of sound quality that our smartphones can offer we need to employ an external DAC-Amp.

    Failing that the LG V20 also the newer LG V30 would offer greater amplification also a more satisfactory DAC set up. The LG's,however, are not so good as general day to day smartphones. Yet again its always this question of compromises. If you only desire one device to carry around the LG is, at present, the better quality device in terms of sound reproduction and amplification. If you are willing to carry a small external device I would go for the Oppo or the Teac every time plus the external DAC-Amp route means when you change mobiles you don't have to upgrade the external DAC-amp! Phew! The Oppo also acts as a portable power bank so its a win win with the Oppo.

    Again if you get the goose-bump sensation with IEM's with your smart phone definitely stop at that and seek no further.

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  6. raindogtrombone
    Just upgraded to the iphone 8 from a 6S, and now needing an adapter to listen to music in the car that also allows for charging. The cheap BaseUs one I bought in the car works, but has a weird crackling noise with regularity. Has anyone found a reasonably affordable lightning to headphone with charging adapter?
  7. Whitigir
    IPhone 8 will sound as good as whatever adapter you plugged it into
  8. AlanU
    Do you listen to headphones while driving your car?

    You can buy car QI wireless chargers that will free up the lightning port.

    I own an iPhone 8+ as well as an iPhone 6+. I actually carry two phones with me but my iPhone 8+ has a sim card only. I download Tidal and google play music on the old phone but at least the headphone jack sounds good with the iPhone 6+
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  9. Whitigir
    IPhone 7+ has headphone jacks ?
  10. AlanU
    Sorry I meant 6+
  11. Faintandfuzzy
    Yes...the 6+ has standard headphone jack.
  12. plumpjack
    I purchased a Blucoil DAC and the differences between the Apple unit ($9) and this one ($60) are subtle at best. I want to try the Dragonfly's next but the inexpensive Apple adapter is not bad.
  13. phiemon
    I bought for testing/comparing the Oppo HA-2SE which is better than the DragonFly and the differences with the Apple DAC are for me subtle too or not so big. I will return the Oppo back. (I remember that for a long time I did the same with the Chord Mojo which is supposed to be very, very good. I sent it back too.)
  14. narco dacunzolo
    Agree with ryland johnson
  15. narco dacunzolo
    Agree with you
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