iPhone 4 To HS Arrow LOD?
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Jan 8, 2011
Ok, I have been reading until my eyes started bleeding and my head feels worse than the day after St. Patrick's. Last night I ordered a new HS Arrow which I am going to use with my iPhone 4. I have spent most of my time since then trying to figure out what LOD to order.
My main concerns are sound and fit. I read page after page filled with technical terms I really don't understand. All I have deduced is that there is a direct correlation between the number of words in the description and the price. I want to get something that adds to the sound quality and I would also like it to connect well between the two devices. Some of the cables I have looked at appear to be really rigid and I would prefer not to snap one.
Any suggestions? I really don't want to spend more $100 if possible. I found a gentlemen from Turkey on eBay making and selling LODs for $50 but I don't know enough to know where they are worth it.  I have I think gone through most major producers but is the $299 cable one is producing $280 better then the cheap Fiio? I assume so but damned if I can prove it.
I am starting this thread because I have gone through so many old threads on this site, some 3 years old, that I don't know if the info is still current or not. So please bear with me. I have two weeks or so until my amp and some IEMs from 1964ears come in and I would like to be done with this. 
You know, my poor departed mother was an engineer and I am really feeling like I should have listen to her more often.
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Jan 2, 2011
I'm in the same boat as you are , Iphone 4 as source and for amp though i'm still haven't made up my mind yet  if i be getting a Meier Stepdance or HS Arrow  
about the LOD found old threads regarding this but the info is still not enough.
I want to also add to his question is there any member here does custom LOD for price / or a GReat DIY guide 
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Nov 24, 2008
The Fiio one is made from an OCC copper interconnect sourced from Oyaide, a top Japanese brand and super expensive ordinarily, but since it's mass produced (and molded) it is cheaper and more durable than any one that is made by hand.  

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