iPhone 3G - does your eq work below 250hz?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 28, 2003
For those with 3G iPhones out there - can you tell a difference listening to headphones or IEMS between, say, treble reducer and small speaker settings?

Bass reducer seems to work fine, and bass booster gives a 250hz ish boost, but it doesn't seem to boost the lower bass to any noticeable degree. My se420's respond just fine to eq out of other sources, and the iphone can create deep bass (plenty deep w/ DT770's), you just can't seem to add -more- of it.

This is with mp3's and a few AAC's that have been replaygained to 89 dB.

Similarly, settings like "classical" and "rock" (more or less v-shaped) sound almost indistinguishable from flat. Note that the curves are quite noticable from a mac pro (assuming they resemble what the iphone eq is trying to accomplish), and even from an old first gen nano. Whats more, is the overall output seems to get quieter when switching on "classical" or "rock", vs "flat".

The eq settings seem to work ok out of a universal dock, but as that has its own dac that isn't too surprising.

Anyone with a 3G iPhone have similar results?

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