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iPad mini + camera connection kit + Dac = : )

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by hiyono, Nov 2, 2012.
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  1. wingtsun
    Scrap the iLuv hub. Won't work with the iPad. iPad says it draws too much juice... [​IMG]
  2. asianafrican
    Darn.. So there's a chance that even if I buy a USB hub, it may not work huh :mad:
  3. wingtsun
    Well, my conceptronics one works fine. The Dr Bott seems to work, too. I have a Dr Bott on order. I'd stick with ordering one of those unless you can actually demo it at the store.
  4. Muttley99
    Hello im giuseppe from italy and now i will go to present myself in the right section,
    im really interested on this 3d because ,i ve an ipad w lightning connector and i need to connect it to cambridge dacmagic (not plus edition)
    The cable you mean is this?
    could it work with my dac too?

    Thanks all folks
    I hope to give my little contribute to this great forum.
  5. Burju
    I hope this helps too....I have tried them with iOS 7.03
    This is the link to another thread.


  6. Muttley99
    Thanks for the answer
    I want to know if the cable who talk about hiyono is the cable in the link i attached n the last post.
    I want to know if this cable extract digital audio to send via usb to my external dac
  7. Muttley99
    It works with my ipad retina 4th gen 64gb cellular and dacmagic cambridge audio.
    I don't know if the plus version of dacmagic works too 'cause it have a different (better) version of the usb input section too.[​IMG]

    Thanks guys

    Amo la mia Mini
  8. redstar
    Can anybody confirm if:
    Ipad Mini 1st gen (not the retina) > New lightning CCK > USB > Burson Conductor SL 1793 works
  9. bliss53
    In an effort to use my Audioquest DragonFly 1.2 with an iPhone 5s and a iPad Mini Retina, I purchased an Apple Lightening Camera Connector Kit "CCK" (Apple Part No. MD821ZM/A) and a $20 portable Radio Shack usb hub (Part No. 2603763).  With the Dragonfly connected to the CCK then to the iPhone I got the "device requires too much power message" on the iPhone and no sound.  When I put the hub between the CCK and the Dragonfly there was no message and it worked fine.  Same for the iPad Mini.
    There must be some monitoring feedback information that blocked by the insertion of the hub in the connection.  Hope this is helpful.
    Question.  The hub is a bit awkward.  I think it would be cleaner and less likely to get caught up on something if the bus was really small.  Any ideas?  I was also wondering if the Audioquest Dragon Tail accessory would work.  Anybody tried it?
  10. HiFiGuy528
    Try the Apogee ONE for iPad/iPhone/Mac. The sound quality will blow you away.
  11. indieman
    Hey guys! Just got my DF 1.2 in, and was able to get it working with iphone 5 as long as I used a usb hub in the link (worked with 2 different hubs, both unpowered, although being powered worked too, just didn't make a difference). 
    Not sure about the dragon tail, but I just tried a generic usb extender and it didn't work. Still got the power error message on iphone 5. Not %100 sure, but this means the dragon tail probably wouldn't work either since it's basically just a usb extender. 
  12. indieman
    ~~Ok, I finally got around to testing out my DF 1.2 dac with my iphone 5s. Just like the iphone 5 I tested, there must be a usb hub in the link for it to work. Just for the heck of it, I tried a lightning to micro usb adapter and then the samsung otg cable. I was hoping it would throw the phone off like the hub and let me use the dac, but unfortunately it didn't even seem to register at all. Too bad, it would be much less cumbersome than a hub! Although tbh someone did tell me the samsung otg cable is very picky, so I'll have to try a universal micro usb otg cable before I can completely rule the idea out. Here's a few pics of an iphone case I modded to accommodate the usb hub and dac. Sorry for the bad quality, my only other camera besides the iphone is my surface pro tablet which seems to lack auto focus?
    Here's a better pic of just the case
    BTW it sounds incredible. Especially with lossless music (ALAC)
  13. bliss53
    I think I found my solution.  Works on both the iPhone 5s and the iPad Mini Retna.  See the USB hub at http://www.amazon.com/Cute-USB-2-Port-Splitter-White/dp/B00A81ISJ6/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1394942486&sr=1-1&keywords=Cute+USB+Mini+2-Port+USB+2.0+Hub+Splitter+%28White.  Cost was $10.00.  Total cost $190 (CCK-$30, USB Mini Hub-$10. Dragonfly 1.2 $150).
  14. DigitalGrounder
  15. indieman
    Cool! I've been looking for a smaller hub, will have to try that one out!
    On another note, have any of ya'll experienced any issues using the usb hub + dac combo? I've been getting some sound distortion when adjusting the volume...
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