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IPad Air 16GB First Generation

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  1. Beginningatdawn
    For Sale
    Up for sale is a year old Ipad Air 16GB First Generation. It is enclosed in a hard clear plastic case with a screen protector, but will include a lifeproof Fre case. It has two small "dings" in the corner ( pictures can be provided on request). Otherwise, it is in perfect condition. It is currently jailbroken, however when it ships I will mostly likely be wiping it and installing the latest Apple firmware unless otherwise requested by the buyer. Besides the iPad itself and the lifeproof case, I will include a charger.

    Total: $290 + 3% Paypal Fee + Shipping

    I am not expecting to ship this out until Feburary 6th. I will be taking offers/accepting offers up until then unless conditions change.
  2. Beginningatdawn
    I am now willing to ship. It seems I made it back home a little bit early.
  3. Beginningatdawn
    This needs to sell. Open to offers.
  4. Beginningatdawn
    I'm looking to sell this ASAP, I'm open to offers, but don't low ball it either :p.
  5. guerillaw
    I sent PM on March 1. If I can see Pics of the Dings I am a paypal verified and interested buyer. 
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