iPad 2 first impressions. Will you be getting one ?
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Not enough of an upgrade for me. Camera on the back makes no sense as if you would hold it up in public to take a picture.

Storage should have been increased to 128GB. I like the cpu upgrade.

See what happens next year with the next iPad.

Would price not be an issue for you then ? because 128GB Flash Memory doesn't come cheap. 
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Went to edit my post and it somehow got lost.
Anyway, as I said before, theres no justification for Apple's treatment of customers. No matter how people spin it. The original iPad should not have been intentionally kept a generation behind.
People need to think about that before rushing out and buying the new one.
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anyone know if this comes with the cirrus logic dac or the new wolfson dac chip?
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anyone know if this comes with the cirrus logic dac or the new wolfson dac chip?

It's not 24 bit if that helps clear things up.
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No, I probably won't upgrade for another generation or two. My first gen iPad is still very useful, just like the aging white MacBook I have is. I'll hold off until something really different comes down the pipe. The new Sandy Bridge MacBooks are tempting, but I'll hold off for another refresh or two.

The lack of Flash is, in my opinion, a selling point for iOS. As far as I can tell, Flash is just a way to serve annoying ads. Why would I want something that makes the Internet worse? There's also the issue of a lack of a cursor. The important part of iOS is getting rid of the GUI paradigm with a cursor and pointing device. Flash often works when a cursor hovers or rolls over something - this isn't easily adapted to something that is specifically designed not to use a cursor.

Performance specs aren't that important, either. I gave up on specs several years back - most hardware easily powers software today. I'm still using a 2 GHz Athlon64 in a desktop. Works fine since I don't play games. I'll replace it when it dies. Functionality is much more important than buying something that will be overtaken or significantly cheaper in six months. I don't need bragging rights for the latest'n'greatest, either.

As for the "fashion" aspect, a lot of customers really don't care. I have relatives in their eighties who love the iPad because it's the first electronic device they find entirely intuitive. They don't give a flying copulation about being cool. They just want to go online, check email, read a few books, use some news apps, check the weather, etc. Not every consumer is a desperately-trying-to-impress twentysomething who is desperately trying to impress people by trashing products that appeal to a broad segment of the population. Posturing is a waste of time. When you get a little older, you're going to realize that other people really don't care about the fashionable stands you take.

Further, the Xoom and other tablets are DOA now that you can get an iPad for $350. Other manufacturers will catch up in two or three years, but Apple will have a fifth generation iPad by then and will compete hard on price. Apple got the jump on the tablet market. It's the first tablet that is actually useful to people. Please compare that to the endless Windows tablet introductions over the past ten years.
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Not gonna lie, there are instances when I want to view a video on Joystiq.com, and my iPhone isn't capable of handling it. The absence of Flash is annoying, sometimes.
But thanks UE for pointing out the limitations of Flash. I never knew that.
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Extra money? It's the same price the old one was.....lol.  Add the dual-core processor, front and back cameras compared to none, and extra RAM, it's actually a better value than the original was. And I think the white will be worse for watching videos than the black.
Yeah but your from the States, here in Australia, we get the latest tech. last and more expensive then any other countries on identical products. When the iPad first hit Australia prices was almost 1.5k and almost a year later it still cost a grand to buy....with the iPad 2 dual core cpu, HD 720P camera and such would easily cost over 1k again.
You guys are sure lucky living in the States.
I would actually like to get one, but I'll be buying a netbook of some sort instead.

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I'm sold. I'm always a fan of white products, white samsung M1, white iphone 3GS, now white ipad. Perfect. I was planning to buy an iPad but figured that Apple was going to launch iPad 2 in the next few weeks and voila. I was right. :)
I hope Solo works with iPad 2
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Apple is going to have such a wake-up call the moment Android matures.
I estimate Android 3.3 will be the first mature version. The Ipad will be old news or cheap as chips by then. I bet on old news. :)
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Yeah but your from the States, here in Australia, we get the latest tech. last and more expensive then any other countries on identical products. When the iPad first hit Australia prices was almost 1.5k and almost a year later it still cost a grand to buy

Last? The iPad 2 hits your country March 25; mine doesn't even have a release date announced.
Also, what are you talking about prices being 1.5k? All variants of the iPad 1 have dropped below AU$1,000 since iPad 2 was announced.
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I won't be updating. I think the new version looks great, but I am happy with iPad 1 for now.

1. USB - I wouldn't complain if it was added, but the camera kit works fine for when I hook it up to a uDac when I am on vacation. At home, I prefer wireless solutions like airplay.

2. SD slot - if it could expand memory to something useful, like 500gb, I would love it. It can't. Therefore, I would still want streaming solutions and cloud based storage solutions. For photos and video, I can already upload with the camera kit.

3. HDMI - I don't want a heavy cable to use with my iPad. I already have capable devices hooked up to my TVs. I prefer keeping my iPad mobile.

4. Flash - I could care less about flash. In the extremely rare instance I want to use it, I can use a remote desktop solution like Splashtop Remote. I understand there are games in flash, but I never played them before I got an iPad.

If they added all of the above it would not make me want to update. I will update when a much better screen is added or when something so significant that I haven't thought of comes along. Right now, I am happy with the vintage:D iPad.


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