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Ipad 2, Camera connection kit and Fiio E7---sound quality

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jackswan, Sep 18, 2012.
  1. Jackswan
    Recently bought the V-Moda crossfade M80's to use with an Ipad2 and looking to improve the sound further if I can for a small budget.
    The Ipad is streaming Flac files from a Windows Home Server 2011 running Logitech Media Server and the Ipeng app.
    Thinking of purchasing a Fiio E7 and using it with the camera connection kit to bypass the DAC on the ipad. I have only found one mention of the actual sound quality in a post on Head-Fi using this setup
    and wondering if anyone else has used this.
    Seems as though many are using the Fiio on the Ipods, but I understand that this only uses the amp stage of the E7.
  2. MrScratch
    Fiio E7 can be used as an external DAC on iPad and iPad 2 through the CCK. You just need to disable the USB charging feature on the E7. :)

    I don't know if it works on the New iPad though, it depends on how much battery the Fiio E7 is going to drain (for instance, the 150 mW of the Fiio E17 are too much for my poor iPad :frowning2:).
  3. Jackswan
    But is the E7 an improvement on the sound quality of the Ipad? I understand thet the Ipad uses a Cirrus DAC and the Fiio E7 has the Wolfson DAC.
  4. JonnyRocket
    I want to do this same setup
  5. Jackswan
    I have ordered the Fiio E7, so will give my impressions when I receive it.
    Thought there would be a few comments as regards the sound quality with it paired with the CCK through an Ipad2. Must be others with this combination?
  6. JonnyRocket

    What type of music files are you using?
  7. Jackswan
    FLAC lossless files only.
  8. Jackswan
    I've had the Fiio E7 for a few days now and have to say what a great bit of kit.
    Left it to charge for about 5 hours and at the the same time left it connected to a windows PC running Flac files through it. Sounded pretty good out of the box.
    Connected up to the Ipad 2 with the camera connection kit, gives a totally different sound to the Ipads headphone output (using V-Moda Crossfade M80 headphones). The sound is much smoother with a rich quality to it. Not a bad sound with the Ipads output but could get a bit tiring over time but the Fiio makes you want to listen to more and more tracks.
    The Fiio also has a more detailed presentation with a good low end, excellent buy for £55 and works a treat with the Ipad.
  9. JonnyRocket
    I'm going to have to try that now, thanks!
  10. MrScratch
    I wonder how it sounds like with the added L7+E11 combo! :p

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