iOS app with dual channel parametric EQ?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Triple_Dude, Nov 10, 2017.
  1. Triple_Dude
    My left and right years have very different audio profiles, so much so that vocals generally sound like they're coming from my left when listening through un-EQ'd headphones, while other frequencies can appear to come from the right (bass and very high treble ranges, generally).

    So far I've gotten around that by using parametric EQ coupled with Foobar2000 to boost certain frequencies to my individual ears (a laborious process that was done manually by sweeping sine waves using SineGen...).

    Anyways, now that I have a EQ'd profile catered to my ears, I'd like to be able to "port" this to my iOS (I likely have to do this manually), but I haven't the slightest clue which player apps have dual channel EQ as none of them seem to advertise this fact, even if they do support parametric EQ.

    Thanks in advance guys!
  2. kvik
    Equalizer app by Audioforge Labs should meet your needs. It only plays files stored locally on your device. They also offer a cloud streaming app, CloudEQ, which currently supports Dropbox and SoundCloud, and which shares the EQ features of Equalizer. I have only tested Equalizer, not CloudEQ.
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  3. Triple_Dude
    Thanks for the suggestion! I just took a look at the app description (it's this one, right?) and I have a couple of follow up questions:
    1) Does it support FLAC, or only formats supported by the iOS Music Library (I currently use Foobar2000 to import all my FLAC music directly)?
    2) Does it support more than just 7 points of EQ? I currently have 35 and 43 points of EQ (left/right channel) respectively to tune the sound to my ears.
  4. kvik
    It's that one. Only 7 bands/points. No FLAC (not 100% sure, have only AIFF myself).

    KaiserTone, Onkyo HF Player, Neutron and Flacbox all support FLAC, but none of them have StereoEQ (separate L and R) as far as I can tell (downloaded and checked). Neutron appears to have the most advanced EQ (highly configurable, 30-band max).
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  5. kvik
    Not the ideal solution, but if you don’t find a useful app, you could consider keeping a double music library, one with your EQ profile applied, and one with original files. Don’t know which software you need to make the EQ’ed copies, though, I’m a Mac-user.
  6. Triple_Dude
    Thank you for going through the trouble of checking all those apps!

    I'll just download the Equalizer app and see if I can get the EQ to something close to what I expect--for $3.99 that's not a bad attempt, plus it'll save me a whole lot of trouble hard-encoding my entire music library (420-ish albums, easily a few thousand tracks).

    Ah, one last question, does Equalizer allow you to manipulate the EQ while a track is playing? (I'd like to be able to play pink noise/sine sweep while EQing).

    Thanks again for all the help so far!
  7. kvik
    Yes, you can adjust EQ during playback, and save profile as preset. You can compare presets during playback as well.

    To be honest I doubt the 7 bands will be accurate enough, when your target profile is that specific (35/43 bands).

    I just checked a few more players - NePlayer Lite, Hibiki Free, ST-1 Free, HiByMusic - only two have equalizer, and not stereoEQ.

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