iOS 11 Public Beta - Anybody else messing around with it?

  1. Slaphead
    Just loaded it onto my iPad Mini 2 this morning.

    And, yeah there are some bugs (Calendar just shows as a white icon, but it functions), and it seems older devices, at least those using the A7 chip, have taken a speed hit - juddery scrolling and animations in some cases, but it's still early days.

    The new App Draw (or dock in Apples parlance) is vastly improved with greater flexibility. I'm not a fan of how the App switcher and the Control Center have been combined, but I can see where I'd find the new app switcher very useful.

    Sorry - can't say if audio problems with external DACs has been resolved as I don't have either my Mojo or dragonfly with me, but then I wasn't suffering from those problems in the first place.

    So, anybody else out there who's curiosity has got the better of them?
  2. Bozzunter
    Extremely glad to report that, finally, finally, finally, external DACs appear to be working. At least my Mojo on my iPad does, no interruption in four hours of music. I haven’t tested my HA-SE 2 yet but I would be surprised if it had problems.

    Now, we only have to hope this is the expected behavior for Apple and the issue does not come back later on.

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