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iOS 11 now supports FLAC.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by eddiek997, Jun 7, 2017.
  1. eddiek997
    This is kind of big news that might have slipped by unnoticed....

    source here
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  2. Surf Monkey
    I would hope that Apple would also support their own ALAC format. Apple Music with alac files would make the service interesting.
  3. eddiek997
    Im more interested in the iphone as a dap. Currently it's a no (Onkyo HF Player aside) - I have a rather large collection of lossless music and will not convert it to (and therefore commit to Apples limited use service) ALAC.

    The ability to carry only one device for on the go listening is something I'm very much interested in. Isine 20 playing flac from the phone would be an excellently convenient combination.
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  4. Roen
    What Apple Limited Use Service
  5. Sound Eq
    good news, but the question is will there be down sampling for 192/24 bit files or not
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
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  6. wylfsyn
    Amazing. Apple eventually reaches the world. What next? USB 3.1 port in iPhone?
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  8. bonbace
    Ahhhh soooooooooo I cann transfer my lossless music into my iPad right?:hugging:
  9. wuwhere Contributor
    If you just want to play flac in your iPad, you can download vlc for iPad, it will play flac.
  10. Oubadah
    I find VLC to be unusably buggy. First off, there is a major bug in the "Music Albums" library view which they're taking their sweet time to fix. Basically it means that you can't browse your music in any sort of structured way. Only "All Files" works properly. This doesn't affect all types of file (only certain types of tags I think), but it's affected 90% of the music I've put on the phone. Secondly, the local network functionality is broken. If you pause or leave it for any period of time, it will crash to the homescreen when you next resume browsing. Then there's the Cloud feature; browsing is just impossibly slow. To top it off, there's no gapless playback in VLC. Oh, and last night when I tried to use the browser based wifi transfer feature it refused to connect, even though it had worked before.

    I've been trying to use Foobar2000, but it's not much better. ReplayGain seems to be broken, and the only way to transfer music without iTunes is via DLNA.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
  11. Signal2Noise
    Still....iOS. Meh.
  12. Oubadah
    I lie, ReplayGain works fine in in foobar2000, you just have to make sure you transfer the files directly into the app's own "Documents" folder in itunes. If you transfer/sync the files from the itunes library the way you would if you wanted to play them in Apple music, it breaks RG in Foobar2000. Presumably itunes molests the tags, removing the RG parts. I know it screws with the art, because it somehow managed to remove the art from half of my music the last time it synced it (why can't it leave the files the hell alone?)

    So, if you want competent playback of FLAC files on iOS 10 with gapless playback and normalization that actually works properly*, use Foobar2000. The UI is clunky and has some kind of beta Windows 10 Mobile aesthetic going on, but it works.

    *I say normalization that actually works properly because Apple's "Sound Check" doesn't. Sound Check in desktop iTunes behaves unexpectedly, but in iOS it behaves in a different and even more dysfunctional way, causing massive distortion in some tracks. At first I thought it was because I was applying the iTUNorm tags with dBpoweramp, but then I let itunes apply tags to the same music, and the distortion was still there. So much for Apple "just working".
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017

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