Introduction to FiiO's sales channels and quality control!
Dec 9, 2013 at 10:05 AM Post #2 of 2
Hello dear FiiO team,
Who could we contact for FirmWare improvement/additions (about translations/languages) in X3 player ?
There are several misuse of english wording, like "frequency" instead of "sample rate" or "sampling rate" (just an example).
My native language is french, the translations are not that bad but I can see typical errors, even than french could do ;
I recompiled my own FW with correct english and french wording, but since then, Fiio released 2 new FW. (You're too good !)
How Fiio team could integrate corrections with better/new translations ?
What about opening the FW to add new languages like Russian ?
Arnaud from Lyon, France

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