Introduction: Newbie to good audio and to the site
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New Head-Fier
Jun 5, 2015
Hello! I'm pretty new to the scene, having switched from bargain-bin earphones to low-range just last November starting with a $30 pair of Sennheisers, then moving to a pair of Shure SE215 in-ears back in February. I've recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser Momentum In-Ears and a Sennheiser HD 558, and am pretty surprised and happy with the sound that even mid-range headphones and in-ears can give.
I decided to join the site because when I chose each of these earphones/headphones, my Googling always lead me to this site, so I figured I might as well stick around and keep this place on hand in case I ever decide to get another set of cans in the future. I admit that I'm still a newbie when it comes to audio equipment of any kind, and still learning the terms audiophiles and enthusiasts use in describing various aspects of headphones, earphones and speakers, but I am trying to learn so I can at least sound somewhat competent. One thing I do know for sure, though, is that I'm never going back to the bargain bin for headphones and earphones ever again.
Other things about me; I'm a college student, just obtained my Associates in Computer Information Technology, planning on continuing my education with an emphasis on programming next, though I haven't decided exactly what kind of applications I wish to code. I used to want to be a game developer, but have decided against that. I'm also a gamer; I like both PC and console gaming, but lately have focused more on consoles as my current hardware specs just barely go over the minimum requirements, Witcher 3 especially, and I've grown sick of digging into my computer's guts to replace and upgrade parts.
Oh, and one final thing about me; I'm a lurker, as I rarely have anything to add to a conversation that hasn't already been said, and I prefer to research what others have said on a subject and only ask a question if I absolutely have to.

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