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New Head-Fier
Sep 4, 2013
Been using the site as a source of recommendations for a couple of months so I thought it polite to register and try to become active.
Listening fairly eclectic, from folk ( steeleye span ) to metal ( Iron Maiden ) to classical to vocal. Also a lot of audio books.

Over Ear
Shure SRH440, flat response, very comfy and a 3M cable. Good for a nights long listening.
Denon AH-D1100, bass heavy, good for rock music. 50mm drivers so almost like mini speakers on your ears.
Denon AH-D510R. Decent light weigh over ears that I leave in the office ( actually have two pairs due to supplier mess up )
Panasonic HC200E, noise cancelling, meh.

On Ear
Panasonic HX45E2 - light weigh, good for on the move. Surprisingly good. But WHITE.
Headfunk Urban Gorilla - bought in HMV sale, never really used. Luminous Lime Green!!

In Ear
Philips SHE7005 - comfy for long listening
Philips SHN7500 - noise cancelling, in ear
Philips SHE9500 - came with a go gear player many moons ago and still using. Surprisingly good for a bundled in ear.
Headfunk Phat Black - spur of moment bargain purchase. And have been a great through in the bag set of phones.
Denon AH-C560R - just bringing in, arrived yesterday.

Samsung HM3700. Nice feature that you can plug your own 3.5mm headphones into them.
Listening mainly from Samsung SG2 or Samsung Tab2, but also have most music on a streaming NAS connected to PC. Don't have a 'proper' hifi set up any more as I just dont have the room for it. Music managed with MediaMonkey.
Tend to us 128Kbps for portable listening convenience, 320kbps for home listening.
Based in the UK, near Leeds. Born 1962. Work in IT, rides motorbike.
That's it really. I'll be lurking around some more.

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