Introduction and looking for my next pair
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New Head-Fier
Oct 24, 2016
Hey everyone,

Long time lurker, usually stalk on the /r/headphones, /r/avexchange and /r/hardwareswap subreddits. Started my audiophile career in 2011 when M50's were the standard recommendation. Fiio was coming out with some cool amps back then. Took a few year hiatus and just picked me up some 80 Ohm DT 770 Pros to pair with my LG V10 for work. Also grabbed some AD700's on LetGo for gaming because MadEnvy said they were like God mode for positional awareness but I beg to differ.

Looking for my next pair of closed backs for work and am eyeing cans tailored for EDM--Denon D2000's, Mad Dog's, Fostex T40's...really want something over the ear. And of course a Schiit Uber stack for home. Any recommendations? Nice to meet all you audiophiles, looking forward to geeking out with the best.

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