Introduction and getting fixed up with a solid gaming setup.
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Oct 20, 2015
Good afternoon, I'm Nitemare15!
I do lot of PC gaming and a moderate amount of console gaming. I have had a pair of Astro A40s and the accompanying Astro Mixamp. I read the Gaming Headset guide by Mad Lust Envy and have narrowed it down to two head sets. The DT 990 Premiums 250 ohm and the AKG 712 Pro. I've basically decided on the AKG headset. In addition to this I was going to purchase a Fiios E12 amp as I do listen to music on the go and from what I understand this is a solid portable amp that can drive the AKGs AND DT 990. For surround gaming I would do the mixamp + E12 + headset. I'm assuming this would be the optimal setup for console gaming and then my soundcard in my PC would take over for the mixamp for stereo sound + the E12 amp. In addition to that, where is the best place to purchase these without getting ripped off? I see a few listings on eBay from Authorized Retailers and I did call and confirm with AKG that they do warranty products bought from their authorized retailers on eBay. Should I buy used and save a few dollars and still get the 2 year warranty or buy off of Amazon brand new?
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Idk about if the warranty is worth is, but also consider the Massdrop AKG K7XX for cheaper, and the Cayin C5 as your amp if you have the money. Sounds like an awesome setup!
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Thank you Jod. I did a little more research and decided on the AKG K712 Pro. They have a little more bass than the 701 and 7XX from what I understand. These cans are going to be primarily used for gaming so a little thump isn't unwanted. I will also use these for listening to music as well. Notably acoustic style guitar and heavy metal. I will also be listening to a little rap. I did look into the Cayin and the FiiO E12 looks to be almost identical for around $30~$40 cheaper. Any recommendations or input would be greatly appreciated.
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The C5 has a lower noise floor, and a more open sound. Just something to consider :). They both have great bass boost as well.
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The C5 has a lower noise floor, and a more open sound. Just something to consider
. They both have great bass boost as well.

Okay I will definitely take that into consideration. I already ordered and received the 712s and damn! They are so nice. I'm extremely impressed. I hooked it up as such TV TOSlink -> Astro Mixamp -> 712s. It's like I'm not even playing the same games. The immersion is absurd. I do not regret my purchase at ALL. I'd like to thank MLE for his headphone guide and you as well Jod! Appreciate all of the help!
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I'm glad you like them! That's always awesome to hear... I love helping people share the same joy I get from a great listening experience :).

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