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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. jude Administrator
    Guys, let's let this thread get back to its intended subject, which is the Vokyl Erupt. If this measurement discussion is one you want to continue, create a new thread about it (or find a relevant existing thread about it), and continue there. If that happens, just PM me the link and I'll try to participate when I can.

    Right now, we're behind on the CanJam Shanghai Preview Video -- way behind -- and this one needs to be translated and subtitled.

    So, again, please get back to the Vokyl Erupt discussion.
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  2. metal571
    I was just about to suggest moving the rest of the discussion to an audio science thread. Agreed. Looking forward to that preview video, I watch every one of those that you make.
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  3. twiceboss
    What just happened to this thread? Havent been here for quite awhile.
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  4. heavyharmonies
    Most people who ordered these are still waiting for them. Mine just arrived late this afternoon (order # in 280s); I plan to open them tomorrow and listen throughout the day at work.
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  5. Jaybib
    I bought a pair on reddit a few weeks back but I still have a pair in the 800s. I'm considering having them wire my other pair normally so I can use a good cable and I have no interest in their shitty quality mic. Then I'll sell my current pair.
  6. heavyharmonies
    Listened to the Erupts for several hours today. Thoughts in random order feeding these off my Marantz HD-DAC1 and comparing with my go-to Takstar HF-580 planars:

    1. Lighter than I expected; extremely comfortable. More comfortable than the HF-580.

    2. Cable is janky AF. Do not want. Flimsy too.

    3. Soundstage is wider than the HF-580.

    4. Bass is a bit more impactful than the HF-580, but not by much.

    5. Treble seems rolled off compared to the HF-580. Not as much sparkle.

    6. Midrange seems veiled and subdued compared to the HF-580. Not a fan of the mids.

    I need to give them more extended listening time. It's a mixed bag thus far. When you factor in cost (the Vokyl are roughly double the cost of the Takstar planars), they start to come up short.

    Again, initial impressions only, subject to change.
  7. Darthpool
    Got a new lens in so decided to take some pictures =) Also the daughter decided she "needed" them to listen to her "shows" lol... A7301430_DxO.jpg A7301479_DxO.jpg
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