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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. Endymion Joshi Godrez
    Soundstage on some headphones can be deceptive. Even though I still don't believe these to be as wide sounding as what zoes interpreted, how he described it was very similar to what I am hearing. Vocal presence can be very intimate, however it does a something similar to what stax do were the sound decays outwards. When you notice it you realize that the erupt is pretty damn capable of presenting a large stage. It might also have to do with me using a dragonfly cobalt which tend to exaggerate soundstage more so than most dac/amps. Can I just ask what your prefered about the signature of the velour pads when you swished to them?
  2. tehsaboteur
    Well I find them more comfortable for starters compared to the holey pads. I feel like the velour is a middle ground seal between the solid and holey but let's out enough air that it doesn't kill the sound like the solid pads. I'm not very good at describing the differences, just like the sound over the holey pads. Do you think they sound darker than neutral? I had to up the mids/highs a bit to get them to my liking.
  3. Endymion Joshi Godrez
    No, the treble presents is definitely there. Not beyer there, more like hd600, which is a mostly neutral can. Though, you have to take this with a large grain of salt as the only other audio device I own is a pair of 64 audio a12t's, which can get pretty spicy in the treble (as is true for all their iems with tia drivers), this is less so yet still very detailed in its delivery. If it is slightly dark then it's not enough to stifle my enjoyment of them.
  4. Endymion Joshi Godrez
    What eq setting did you use? E.g, the frequency of the band and the db change on that band.
  5. Darthpool
  6. Zachik
    +1 for having a blast chatting with these two awesome dudes. And meeting you @Darthpool for the first time! Enjoy your new purple precious! :)
    Darthpool likes this.
  7. twiceboss
    about more than 2 months with erupt and i would rate this 5/5 price/performance is no joke here.

    add: i use velour pad from amazon that is compatible with beyers line up
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019 at 11:32 AM
  8. heavyharmonies
    You're right. The joke is it being 7 months after the proposed shipping schedule and no sign of the headphones... and my order number is only in the 200s. I feel really sorry for anyone in the 600s or 700s. They'll be lucky to get theirs before 2021, if they get them at all.

    No regular shipping updates, only shipping 10-30 units per week... this isn't my first bite at the heaphone crowdfunding apple, but it's definitely the most rancid.
  9. Zachik
    While it is true that shipping is slower than originally planned, I think you'll be very pleased once you get it. I was lucky enough to audition the Erupt couple times at CanJams, and for the price - they are absolutely awesome!
    As for crowdfunding experiences - people I know waited for 2+ years on some items, and on some campaigns the "company" disappeared and the funding crowd got nothing!

    So... while being late, it beats the alternative! :wink:
    Darthpool likes this.
  10. Aevi
    Contribution ID 695

    guess I'm screwed eh?
  11. elira
    Eventually you’ll get them. Which is good considering a lot of crowdfunding campaigns are a scam.
    Darthpool likes this.
  12. deucefive
    I'm in the 800s but remain optimistic.

    @theotherjude -- hey, hope you guys are doing well. I recall that you may setup a shipping tracker that would help provide some visibility -- any idea when that might launch?

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019 at 1:37 PM
  13. deucefive
    @twiceboss - Good to hear. How do you like the Vokyl Erupt compared to your SDR-modded HD800?
  14. twiceboss
    For gaming, vokyl is more than enough but u will extra imaging and soundstage with hd800. For music, vokyl is almost one of the most balance cans ive had in my list. But hd800 is clarity monster if u wanna compare these two but can be bright for some. Vokyl is just a safer bet for someone who comes from a casual audio background. With that said, erupt has some kind of 3D imaging and pretry darn details.
    Darthpool likes this.
  15. Endymion Joshi Godrez
    I would argue the imaging on the erupt is better than the hd800. It can compete well with the sennheiser when it comes to spatial separation and image accuracy. Yes, the hd 800 has larger images, but that's mostly because they are just further away and not because they are projected as such like you'll find with the he1000. The holographic imaging is something I mostly encounter with iems, very rare to hear it with a headphone. I guess you could say it makes games for "immersive".
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