Introducing the EVGA NU Audio Pro Cards - Ascend From Lifelike Audio to 7.1 Heaven
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Mar 27, 2014
With the LME49860NA opamps, you will experience tighter and quicker bass response. You will also experience an improved soundstage and instrument definition. Treble is more defined and articulate. Treble extension is also improved. It is a very low distortion opamp. It is honestly unmatched in sound quality for opamps which cost 10 bucks each or less. It is a better sounding opamp than any of the stock ones EVGA went with. The AKM 4493 is a neutral sounding DAC chip. The LME49860NA is also neutral in sound signature. The LME49860NA is just a better match to pair with those DAC chips. The Nu Audio Pro 7.1 is an awesome sound card. I think EVGA did an excellent job with it. I think a better opamp choice though would have been to just put 5 of the LME49860NA opamps in. It is just a better choice to pair with AKM DAC chips, and improves the sound quality of this already great sound card.
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