Introducing the Dacamp L1, flagship CL1 Ceramic and CL750 from RHA

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  1. showme99
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  2. Ultrainferno
  3. Leonccyiu
    I don't mean to reignite an old thread, but I decided to give these a go at Selfridges in London last Saturday as I have now got a pair of MA750I and I can use the same ear-tips that fit me well and I've read Duncan's comment that he prefers them to the ie800.
    Another thing which got me interested is that the price has been dropped to £250 on the RHA website.

    I tried the CL1 first, I wasn't able to test the balanced cable which was already attached as when I connected my phone to the Dacamp L1, my phone crashed and restarted which was devastating as I lost all my chrome tabs, but since all was lost, I gave it another go and the same thing happened. Maybe the unit was faulty from all the demo use but more likely the software on my phone hasn't been fully tested.

    Back on topic, after troubling the sales assistant to get the 3.5mm cable, I took a listen connecting it to my DAC. I first tried a Japanese 24bit 96khz vocal track from mora, and wow, this iem is so revealing it exposes the weakness in my aging Dac's filters. So I switched to 24/192 and took a listen to Pat Benetar's in the heat of the night. Having come from the ma750, the Cl1 makes my headphones seem so congested and muddy. The vocals had weight and authority and dimentionality to them. The tuning does seem to be more treble heavy but it's more neutral than my ma750. I then tried Hiromi Uehara's Brand new day in 24/192 and the instrument separation and airiness was fantastic. I would have liked to have tried DSD but I was really impressed nonetheless. I would have also liked to compare to the Q jays and ie800.

    I tried plugging them in straight into my phones headphone jack, while the volume reached was actually quite loud, the sound was really weak and lacking in dynamics, so even if I could find a mic cable, it's simply not going to be driven by my phone.

    I then switched to the CL750, plugging it into my DAC, I was a bit distracted at the time and the sales assistant was quite an audiophile himself who took a listen to some of my music. Understandably since it's in a completely different price bracket the sound was much more similar to my ma750, everything was just far more congested. I am sure they probably sound better than my ma750's but I'd need to spend good time with them in a home environment. Surprisingly, even though I think they have a similar impedance and sensitivity to the CL1, when plugged into my headphone jack, they actually sounded really decent, which made me wish there was a mic cable option as the cables are not interchangeable.

    It'd be nice if the CL1 had the standard mmcx connector so that it'd be easier to find a mic cable when I get an LG V30 or phone with a powerful amplifier and if there was a mini-xlr to 2.5mm adapter in the box but I am definitely interested in the CL1, I would also like to try the 1 more quad driver and when they come out, the new sennheiser ie80s.
  4. murraycherry
    20170921_095009.jpg Hello from Hong Kong!

    I love RHA CL1 so much. However, it requires powerful amplifier, so I left it at home for a long time.

    I tried to use it with DX200 amp1 and amp3 with final lab 2.5mm cable, it seems dx200 2.5mm is still not powerful enough to use with the RHA CL1.

    Personally, I highly against to add an amplifier for DX200, since it’s so thick and not portable anymore. Finally, I bought a second hand Cayin i5 (Slightly slimmer than DX200) and a Chinese brand amplifier in Hong Kong (Take a look of the picture), it’s called CL-A03 Pro, I use the stock 3.5mm cable from RHA now. I use high gain and around ¼ volume for Cl1, the experience is wow, the amplifier play RHA CL1 well, the background is dark, vocal is sharper than DX200 AMP3.

    I am trying to run in CL-A03 Pro now, I have 3 days haven’t played with my poor DX200 and Inear PP8.

    Many thanks to RHA for the great CL1 and the Chinese made amplifier CL-A03 Pro.
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  5. Robert777
    I received a pair of the CL1's just yesterday and listened to them for an hour.

    I wanted to give them a try, despite the polarising and negative reviews and impressions, because I like RHA and I wanted to hear these unique IEM's myself to form an opinion of them. The price drop certainly helped my decision too.

    Straight out of my Cayin N3 in high gain they sounding good but it was kind of a mixed bag.

    They were so much more detailed and clean sounding than my Pinnacle P1's. I am not the best at describing exactly what I am hearing but the instruments seemed to be more clearly positioned in space and it was easier for me to differentiate between instruments. It was really quite addictive.

    At first I listened to Nick Cave, Ryan Adams, Tom Waits, Morrissey, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr, Radiohead and the new Miley Cyrus album and all sounded really good.

    I hit problems when I started listening to my punk rock albums. Rancid, Descendents, Vandals, Bad Religion, Blink 182 - none of these albums sounded okay too me. There was just too much treble energy and they sounded sharp and tiring.

    I am now going to decided between returning them and looking elsewhere or investing in a moderately priced portable amplifier to see if the added power helps. i am not opposed to stacking but I do worry the benefits will be minimal.

    So yeah, I really like them but only with half my music collection.

  6. Brooko Contributor
    An amp won't help them Robert - the frequencies which are boosted will still be there. If you're prepared to EQ though, there is some hope :)
  7. Robert777
    Thank you for chiming in on this kind sir.

    Yes, that was definitely the way I was thinking.

    It is just the nature of the earphone and spending money on amps is a road I do not really want to go down.

    Thanks again.
  8. Raf2411
    Hi everyone,

    Could someone please tell me which gain level to set on the Dacamp L1 while using the Cl1? It may be a dumb question, but I'm not exactly sure...
  9. gr8soundz
    Can anyone with the Dacamp L1 (or @RHA Team ) answer a couple of questions for me:

    I know the balanced out doesn't work when using analog line-in but does it work if using optical-in?

    Also, does the analog line-out function when using the line/optical in?
  10. RHA Team
    Hi gr8soundz,
    Happy new year and sorry for the delay!


    Sorry, no.
    RHA Stay updated on RHA at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  11. youurayy
    Was the CL1 discontinued and why?
  12. BlinkST
    It may a supply chain issue, but I’ll bet that they were discontinued. I went to purchase the bundle on the site, and it isn’t available any longer.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    I would guess because they were quite controversial with their tuning - and as such may not have been as successful as expected. They were ear shredders for me (very treble heavy), and I like a brighter IEM. I thought they were overdone.
  14. youurayy
    Sounds fair... and what do you think about the CL750 (if you heard them)?

    I had also been hyped for the combo, but then there were delays, I bought something else, forgot about it, and now checking back -- and it's gone. I've instead ordered the CL750 and the T20 v2 just to see what's up / get a taste of RHA.
  15. Brooko Contributor
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