Introducing the Dacamp L1, flagship CL1 Ceramic and CL750 from RHA

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  1. Duncan Moderator
    Slight necro post, but I bought the T20 last week, and the CL1 today...

    Still interested in opinions?
  2. Robert777
    Any impressions would be great. I am still considering this as a future upgrade.
  3. Dobrescu George
  4. Duncan Moderator
    Being so smitten with the CL1, I bought the accompanying L1 as well, albeit buying them separately I missed out on a bundle deal...

    A fantastic little combo for the price :)
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  5. Duncan Moderator
    Sir, the CL1, if driven properly truly eclipses the IE800 in terms of clarity, extension, and general SQ.

    They make the RHA T20 (and many other companies products!) sound like dime store IEMs, so muddy and congested in comparison!
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  6. Brooko Contributor
    I guess you've got to like that piercing lower treble - or maybe its at a frequency which some people have a greater tolerance to. All I know is that peaks at 7-9 kHz at 25dB! above the mid-range at 1kHz are going to hurt the majority of people. EQ them down, and its pretty good though :)
  7. Dobrescu George
    You're just making me want to hear one even more!!

    That sounds interesting!

    ie800 is quite strong in the treble as well, but not 25 dB strong. I do love there though!

    I really hope that I'll be able to hear a CL1 and I'll make sure to keep an eye on comparing it with ie800. If CL1 beats ie800, especially considering the difference in price, that would make it an interesting offering, to say the least!
  8. Duncan Moderator
    I definitely don't hear a 25db boost, although they can sound bright with poor amplification and silicone tips combined (ouch!)

    YMMV of course :)
  9. Brooko Contributor
    It's in the measurements and I guess anatomy may play a part. I always use foam tips, and have no issues with amplification. All captured in my review. They do tend to be polarising.
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  10. Dobrescu George
    I want to join the argument but never heard them!

    25dB sounds quite impressive, makes me wonder how the sound fits into place.
  11. Shure or bust
    The ie800 is pretty mediocre and old with todays iems. My old k3003 beat it lol
  12. Shure or bust
    I am more disappointed they didn't terminate the balanced cable with 3.5mm or 2.5mm trrs and just include mini xlr as an adapter. Debating on just re-terminating the cable or using an adapter.
  13. Dobrescu George
    Another good option might be to buy a new cablle and keep this one in case you need mini xlr in the future.

    It is always good to see a headphone / IEM with detachable cables.

    As for k3003 vs ie800, the opinions were as spread back then as they are now for ie800 against any IEM, many still consider ie800 the absolute best IEM ever made due to their unique approach in the treble and the mids and bass. The separation of ie800 is incredible but now that I've read multiple times that CL1 is better, I am quite curious to hear one myself. I will make sure to let everybody know how things are when/if I get one!
  14. Duncan Moderator
    I won't deny I had love for the IE800, for very literally a full 12 months, they were the only IEM that I listened to, and for the majority of that time (until the cables stiffened up) I thought they were the absolute best that I would ever hear from an IEM - time waits for no man though.

    For me, the absolute best thing of the CL1 is the fit, it is like the engineers at RHA measured my ears for a custom, and this is the result, it is so perfect... their T20 doesn't fit half as well, so it isn't necessarily an RHA thing - job well done either way.

    An interesting battle I have here is CL1/L1 vs HiFiMan RE2000 vs JH Layla, three different driver principles, two different price points... It is fun, if I find the time, I'll post musings (rather than a fully fledged three way review)
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  15. Dobrescu George

    You had ie800 for quite a long time!

    Curious what are your thoughts on CL1 and the others!

    I will have Dunu DK-3001 in my hands, it would be fun to compare ie800 with DK-3001 with CL1 if I get a CL1!

    I have never considered fit so much actually, most things sit well in my ears. For example, I had good luck with ie800, FiiO F5, Simgot EN700 Bass. Ie8 from Senn was a bit different for me, so now it is used by my wife.

    Hearing the dedication with which you speak about CL-1 makes me even more curious about them!!
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