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Introducing the Dacamp L1, flagship CL1 Ceramic and CL750 from RHA

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  1. Tokyoghoul
    Release in Japan November 25th confirmed...
    If only it was released sooner...
    I will not be buying this product but will be looking forward to impressions d(^_^o)
  2. sete
    Hi there,
    Would anyone know if the Dacamp L1 will work with the inline remote of the T20i? 
  3. jwbrent
    I'm anxious to hear feedback on the sound and build quality of the L1. If it is synergistic with my K712s, I'll be getting one of these for my xmas gift. [​IMG]
  4. glassmonkey
    I haven't heard these yet, so cannot comment on sound, but I have never known an RHA product to have anything but excellent build quality.
    pedalhead likes this.
  5. kempneal
    Still on track for November release?
  6. Ultrainferno
    Xmas came early
  7. glassmonkey
    Those are some fantastic looking beasts. I't surprising to see them in basically the same size box. I look forward to your review. :)
  8. tf10charged
    this is launching today right? would love to see some reviews so i can have this for christmas!
  9. willywill
    Already for sale but wait for reviews, i bought the t10i blind and to this day that has to be the worst iem i ever heard, the free Samsung eadphone that came with my phone was 10X better.
  10. xuan87
    Ahh come on, no way that's true. The only thing that stopped me from getting the T10 and T20 was the overly strong bass response, even on the treble filter. You might prefer the samsung earphones, but no way it's 10x better.
  11. audio123
    Just tried CL1 and CL750. very v shaped. When will RHA make a non v shaped iem?
    RHA Team
  12. tf10charged
    i read that you have dita truth ie800 pm4 and also you have tried CL1. all of which i wanted to buy.
    can you share how do you feel if compare CL1 with IE800 & Dita truth?
  13. Ting Tiew Yik
    as V-sharped as t20's?
  14. audio123

    agreed with you.
    if the t10i is the worst iem u ever heard, wait till u try the cl1. it will dethrone the t10i.
    i dont have the truth and ie800 but I have heard them.
    CL1 has the ability to reach sibilance as compared to the truth and ie800.
    Truth extension is controlled unlike the CL1 which is beyond limits.massively v shaped.
    Vocals dried up with the CL1. Comparing to IE800 which doesnt excel in vocals at all, IE800 sounds great in vocals in reference to the CL1 which suggests how bad vocals are for the CL1.
    Truth has a nice vocals presentation but still slighly v.
    Soundstage Width: IE800 > Truth > CL1
    Soundstage Depth: Truth > IE800 > CL1
    Lows: Truth > IE800 > CL1
    Mids: Truth > IE800 > CL1
    Highs: IE800 > Truth > CL1
    Details:IE800 > Truth > CL1
    All in all, IMHO, CL1 is not good compared to the top dynamic drivers in the market now.
    even mid tier pinnacle p1 sounds better than cl1 as it is more musical and engaging.
    it is more v shaped than the t20 imo. i honestly dont get how the CL1 is being tuned as such to appeal to the mass
  15. tf10charged
    thanks so much!!! now i can go back to truth vs ie800 :D
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