Introducing the Audeze LCD-R!
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Introducing the Audeze LCD-R!

Product Webpage: LCD-R at


A Special Collaboration
Between Audeze & Schiit

Schiit Jotunheim-A is a unique current drive headphone amplifier, and this led Audeze to develop an unique headphone the Audeze LCD-R’s with an impedance of only 2 ohms with our new patented Parallel-Uniforce technology just for this application. We refer to the LCD-R as a Ribbon instead of Planar due to the very low impedance voice coil and the trace covers over 98% of the surface.


Some Current Schiit. Not Old Schiit.

The LCD-R comes with a customized Schiit Jotunheim model A current-drive headphone amp. Specially modified by Schiit, the Jotunheim-A offers the ideal electrical match to bring out the best performance in our ELI (Extremely Low Impedance) drivers. The LCD-R is engineered to work exclusively with the included Schiit amp and should not be used with any other amplifier.

So how does it sound?

S-M-O-O-T-H, but very detailed. Yes, there is something a little different, a little special, with very low impedance drivers mated with a dedicated current drive amplifier. Once you listen, you’ll be convinced. But just in case you’re not, you have 30 days to return both the amp and headphones.


What's a Lichtenberg?

The LCD-R is adorned with our unique Fractal (Lichtenberg) wood rings. These are handcrafted by shooting precise pulses of high voltage electricity to enhance the natural patterns of the figured Maple. This process makes every pair of LCD-R ring a two-of-a-kind creation.


Very, Very Limited Edition

Schiit and Audeze are building only 67 sets of these LCD-R headphones. They’ll be offered on a first come, first served basis. The retail price is $2,500. The headphones will not be sold separately, so don’t even ask.

NOTE: you MUST use the LCD-R with this particular Schiit amplifier.
Using any other amplifier will void the warranty. Also, 100 volt version for Japan is not available.


Package Includes:

LCD-R Headphone
Schiit Jotunheim-A Amplifier
Premium Braided Cable
User Guide and Warranty
Certificate of Authenticity

Over-ear, open-back
Transducer type
Magnetic structure
Double Fluxor™ magnet array
Phase management
Magnet type
Neodymium N50
Diaphragm type
Ultra-Thin Parallel Uniforce™
Transducer size
106 mm
Maximum SPL
Frequency response
5Hz - 50kHz
<0.1% @ 100dB
2 ohms
103 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
Balanced directional OCC monocrystal copper with female 4-pin XLR

Frequently Asked Questions

The LCD-R is an entirely new ribbon driver design, using our brand new Parallel Uniforce voice coil, built to be used with the dedicated Schiit Jotunheim-A amplifier.

What's so special about the drivers?
  • We refer to the LCD-R as a Ribbon instead of Planar due to the very low impedance voice coil and the trace covers over 98% of the surface. They use just one trace with parallel sub-traces to equalize the driving force across the entire diaphragm. The sound profile that results is ultra smooth with low distortion and high detail retrieval.

Why does the LCD-R need a special amp?
  • The LCD-R voice coil impedance is only 2 ohms. Since the impedance is so low, it requires a special amp to drive them properly without risking damage to the amplifier due to the low impedance nature of the drivers.

What is special about the wood rings?
  • The wood rings are custom made using a special process that shoots high voltage electricity through maple rings to create beautiful patterns in wood. Then the wood is polished and finished. Each wood ring is entirely unique and the patterns on right and left are different.

Can the LCD-R be used with my headphone amp or a different amplifier?
  • The LCD-R must be used in conjunction with the Jotunheim-A and is not usable on a standard headphone amplifier. Attempting to use the LCD-R on a standard amp can cause damage to the amp or headphones and is strongly discouraged.

What is the warranty policy?
  • Standard Audeze warranty policy applies to LCD-R. Standard Schiit warranty policy applies to the Amplifier. Please contact for more information.
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"S-M-O-O-T-H, but very detailed. Yes, there is something a little different, a little special"

These all sound great but also not very helpful practically. Would you be able to relate the listening experience relative to other Audeze headphones so we have a better idea of what it will be like before anyone goes ahead and commits the amount?

Also, were the headphones designed with the amp in mind or other way round? Basically, would you be able to provide more context on how this project came about, since the LCD-24 has atleast a logical story behind its development?
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Currawong video:
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I wonder how these stack up against the GL1200 I reviewed with gold ribbons installed- I have never heard a better headset
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Used to, no?
I was under the impression they fixed most of the productions issues over the years and are now in a good state?
I am on my 6th set of Audeze headphones and I have not had a single issue with any of them. Quality control really is my number one concern when spending $XXXX on head-fi gear. One example of how I value quality control is my stance on HiFiman and the Ananda in particular. The Ananda is one of the best sounding headphones I have yet to hear, yet I returned them. The overall build quality and durability was very suspect, even if they managed to pass QC. I think early on with Audeze (up till about 2016?) had quite a few driver failures, and more so had a problem with driver inconsistency, these are far from being a common issue now. By contrast, I have had five total sets of Focal headphones in my possession and two of those had a severe clipping problem (Elex, Clear OG), even under moderate volume. So when I had this problem did I go on forums and spout nonsense like "Focal has the worst quality control in headphone history" or "Focal headphone are junk!" etc? No I did not, I just returned them and got new ones. All brands of electronics have some issues. The Audeze LCD line has some of the best overall build quality of anything you can buy, not just Head-fi gear.

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