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Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Nov 30, 2014.
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  1. xnuthecaveman

    1, support 7.8 channel 64bitwav file playback;
    2. The unsupported file clicks to play, and the bullet box displays the reason why it is not supported.
    3. Power on If the last played file or list does not exist, the ALL list file will be played by default;
    4. Add the “Delete File” function to the FN button settings.
    5, support M3u list playback;
    6, solve some cue files do not recognize, information garbled;
    7. Add the "database update" function in the playlist window;
    8. Optimize system stability: In some cases, the playlist display is not normal after the database is updated;
    9, add a directory cycle mode:
    a) If you need to click on the folder to play, playing list or all is equivalent to "all loops"
    b) The folders are connected. After the last song is played, it will switch to the next folder (manual switching is similar)
    c) "Settings" - "Playback Settings" - "Cycle Mode" - "Folder Loop"
  2. tgdinamo
    Thanks for the info but that link does not seem to work (I tried both Chrome and Firefox)?
  3. xnuthecaveman
  4. tgdinamo
  5. headwhacker
    Thanks been looking for the what's new when I notice they have a new version. I downloaded in anyway and flshed it. Looks stable so far.

    I just noticed the PEQ in LPG works on DSD. Does it mean LPG converts DSD to PCM? Or LPG's PEQ works on DSD natively?
  6. xnuthecaveman
    Sorry, can't answer that. But will try to find out
  7. tsobik
    Hello. Where i can get for jp version.
    In language menu i can see English?
  8. dhc0329
    Lpg is built like a tank. As long as you can replace the battery this thing will last another two decades.
    quantumrush likes this.
  9. jmills8
    And screen
    xnuthecaveman likes this.
  10. ruthieandjohn
    ...and don’t let a heavy headphone plug (e.g., Grado) torque a break in the solder to the board when it writhes in your pants pocket as you walk (happened to me).
    Quadfather and jmills8 like this.
  11. tsobik
    Does anybody have firmware file?
  12. Quadfather
    I'm not seeing a lot of LPG 2017 for sale online. Is the product being discontinued?
  13. gazzington
    How does the lpg handle metal. I've heard it does not have much bass.
  14. parabellum777
    The bass quantity will be more dependant on the earphones sound profile than on the DAP sound profile. I can assure you that with the LPG and the Rhapsodio Solar or the Heir Audio 10.0 IEMs the metal music sound amazing.
    Quadfather likes this.
  15. Quadfather
    PMEQ is also amazingly effective in tailoring sound to user preferences without adding distortion or other sonic artifacts.
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