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Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Nov 30, 2014.
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  1. ruthieandjohn
    Here's mine vs. my PAW5000...just dimmer...

  2. fzman Contributor
    What ever happened to the request to post the link for the headphone power requirements list?????? I'd love to see that too.
  3. Quadfather
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  4. cooperpwc
    Man, I had forgotten how nice it is to have a bright white display. :)

    (I just got this back today. I will write details later.)

  5. kubig123
    where did you sent it to have its fixed?
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  6. Quadfather
    Do tell.
  7. kubig123
    It’s a kind of magic.
  8. cooperpwc
    Okay, here was my experience changing the LPG screen. Short answer: it was fixed by Lotoo at their Beijing office. They turned it around in one day so very good service.
    - I wrote them at service@lotoo.cn. My letter was in Chinese but their reply was in both Chinese and English. (I told them that I am a Canadian living in Shanghai.)
    - Their reply gave me the address to send it to them in Beijing and a link to pay. (This link is interesting because it is for LPG service where one item is RMB 50. The fee to have the screen changed is RMB 700 - about US$111 - so I ordered and paid for 14 increments of RMB 50. The system works.)
    - I sent my LPG to them by Shunfeng courier (SF-Express) as suggested. When they received it, they called me and told me to pay on their Taobao site which I did.
    - They immediately fixed it (same day!) and sent it back to me. They also texted me a tracking number for the return Shunfeng courier. (The return shipping was included in the RMB 700.)
    - The total turn-around from sending to getting my LPG back was one week but it could have been as little as four days. (I took an extra day to pay as I was travelling, and the LPG arrived back on a Saturday when my office was closed.)

    Overall it was an excellent service experience. If you are in China and speak Chinese, it could not be much easier. Kudos to Lotoo.

    Here are the potential challenges that I predict if you want to do this from overseas:
    - Language. It was easy for them write, call and text me in Chinese.
    - Shipping into China. You have to get your Lotto through Customs without incurring duty and/or VAT. I suggest USPS Priority Mail International as the Chinese government usually lets post office packages through untouched, whereas international couriers like UPS march your package over to customs to assess duty. You should declare it "Return for Repair" anyway. Do NOT ship anything to China without proper door to door tracking, so a premium USPS service is the way to go from America. (In my experience, places like Germany have much better inexpensive options that offer full tracking.)
    - Shipping fees. You will have to pay to ship it over, but there is also the issue of their return shipping which I expect may be extra. (This is included in the RMB 700 within China but the Shunfeng courier fees were equivalent to about $2...)
    - Payment. The payment on Taobao assumes that you have an Alipay account. I do not but I had my gf pay for me. Maybe this can be paid through a foreign Taobao payment service or perhaps Lotoo will suggest an alternative.

    I have to believe that all of these issues can be addressed. I do not have the answers since I did this inside the country. Certainly the starting point is to email them at service@lotoo.cn.

    Lastly I originally considered having them also change my LPG battery. However that change fee is another RMB 700 (US$111). Actually my battery is in pretty good shape and there was no advantage for me to do them both at once. If you are involved in a lengthier and more expensive service run from overseas, then doing both together could make more sense.

    Hope that this helps!
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  9. cooperpwc
    FYI this was the English portion of their original email reply:
    Thanks for contacting us.
    Are you in Shanghai, China? If you are in Shanghai, you can send Paw Gold to Beijing Lotoo company for repair by SF Express.
    The address is: Room B201, Floor 2, B building, Printing Academy, No.2 Cuiwei Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
    Name: ZhangQiang
    Tel: 18210179867,
    Please put a note to explain the failure of your machine and your information, so that we can give it back to you. The phenomenon of red screen you mentione is caused by the screen aging. You need to replace a new screen, the price is 700 RMB. If you need to replace the battery, the price is 700 RMB, the total cost of 1400 RMB. We will contact you for maintenance after we received the goods. Please tell us whether you can do shopping on [​IMG]Taobao.com

    , you can pay the maintenance fee by the link in our Taobao business shop, the link is as follows: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z38n.10677092.0.0.7b1e3652tADzOv&id=561393773430

    (Edit: Oddly, the English paragraph about the screen and pricing was hidden in the email that I received, although I read it in the Chinese. I only see the English now that I copy and paste the text. So if you get an email from Lotoo, perhaps 'Select All' and copy, and then paste the content into a Word document to see what might be hidden. That is a weird glitch...)
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  10. Quadfather
    Could we on head-fi use you as our translator? With emails and such? My Diana works great after a year, but things always go south at some point...
  11. Edric Li
    Lol RMB 700 seems a bit much to me. Mine's screen failed as well after two years of regular use. Haven't bother to fix it, but I have to do it at some point in order to resell it.
  12. cooperpwc
    @Quadfather As a busy guy, I won't be going official on this. But if you have a problem with an email PM me.
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  13. ehaldin
    Greetings all LPG owners, former and present! Has anyone ever tested this player's synergy with the 2016 (revamped) LCD-XC? I'm eyeing the Paw Gold a lot after having hooked the LCD-XC with a Cowon Plenue S, which made for a very cushioning experience where all the bite and impulse of sounds had been lost...I wonder how hitting or forward the LPG would be on the LCD-XC, since I'm really looking for a virtuos, engaging DAP, but don't mean techno stings by this. And I mostly listen to acoustic, detailed, melodious music, that nonetheless has a lot of verve.

    I especially thought of the perceived treble glare that the LCD-XC can exhibit, after the mids have been hemmed in a bit compared to the pre-2016 version. I'd really appreciate any recollection on how these two sound together...
  14. Mimouille
    Some teasers of the new LOTOO DAP size and UI 65ce81087bf40ad1798bfed25b2c11dfa8eccecd.jpg 0334030a19d8bc3e3d821602898ba61eaad345a1.jpg c9ab2bd3fd1f41343c1c3c4f291f95cad1c85e09.jpg
  15. audionewbi
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