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Introducing lifetime Upgrades by Vibro Labs

  1. Luke Pighetti
    We've shaken up our policies a LOT today. Here are the cliffnotes:

    NEW! Upgrade Policy
    Upgrade any earphone you bought new for the difference in retail + $50 USD.
    Example: SERA to MAYA $350 USD

    REDUCED! Restocking fee on returns is now 10%

    REDUCED! Reshell fee is now $150 USD

    REDUCED! Basic out of warranty repairs are now $50 USD

    Read more about our new policies here: https://vibrolabs.com/pages/faq

    Also, there is special news for my early supporters at the end of this video!
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (is it too early for that?)
  2. sq3rjick
    Fantastic news, Luke!  I'm sure this will be much appreciated by many of the early adopters. :)
    Luke Pighetti likes this.
  3. Luke Pighetti
    I have been struggling to find a way to thank them, I hope they will appreciate this!
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  4. Mython Contributor
    I'm not a Vibro Labs customer, but credit where credit's due - your new policies seem exceptionally fair and look to be a sincere effort to look after customers.
    Nice one, Luke
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  5. Luke Pighetti
    I'm really excited for the new upgrade policy. It basically means you can buy a SERA today and enjoy it until you're ready to upgrade to a MAYA. Or you can buy a MAYA and wait for our next flagship.
    The new restocking fee also opens up the chance for people to audition for 15 days.
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  6. Ting Tiew Yik
    the upgrade policy definitely benefits a lots of newcomers like me,wish every company introduce this policy
  7. The Life
    Customer-friendly policies like this should definitely be encouraged and supported.
  8. Niyologist
    Wow. I got to get into Vibro Labs now.
  9. bvng3540
    How much to upgrade Aria to Maya?
  10. Luke Pighetti
    Retail ARIA: $499
    Retail MAYA: $699
    Upgrade ARIA to MAYA: $250 + shipping
    I should be clear that you must have purchased your original earphone new from Vibro Labs to do upgrades.
  11. senorx12562
    Very fair pricing Luke. You can bet that when the time comes for a new iem, vibro labs will be right at the top of my list, especially with the reports of sound qjuality and the cheaper restocking fee. Thanks and Cheers, mate.
  12. ExpatinJapan
    well done, Luke!
  13. linux4ever
    Very good!!! all the best Luke!
  14. bvng3540
    If ALL other high end vendor has this deal, I would have changed new IEM every time they came out with new models :smile:
    Luke Pighetti likes this.
  15. Luke Pighetti
    I encourage it!

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