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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. szore
    I owned both of those, cl2 out classes them both. The 846 is passe, and I listened to my Xelento (which I loved) after I got my CL2 and all I heard was distortion. I sold them the next day.
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  2. Spie1904
    Since I really need a small shell , I don't think there's any upgrade worth chasing for me currently.
    So for now I'm sticking with my CL2 and may look into purchasing a high end closed back headphone to give my ear canals some rest :)

    Currently for the CL2 I'm just debating between stock tips (more secure fit) and the JVC spiral dots.
  3. szore
    I go back and forth. The stock tips fit better, and they add more control. The JVC are more finicky fit wise, but they really open up the sound stage. I use the stock while waiting for burn in to finish, then JVC after that.
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  4. cr3ativ3
    I had both too .. sold both .. se846 has nice bass but the rest is off .
    Xelento are nice sets of iems but you can get really good DD iems way cheaper nowadays .. non of that would be an upgrade to cl2 .
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  5. Spie1904
    Those were the only options considering I need a very small shell so hence why I think cl2 is perfect for now :)
  6. cr3ativ3
    There are some from obravo with the same shell size . But I never heard them . Planar DD hybrids . But if you are fully stratified with the cl2 . Just stay with them :)

    I think if you want an upgrade , you could consider go ciem ?
  7. szore
    Hey, the Shure 425's are nice! Smaller shell than 800's... For me the 425 was the sweet spot in the lineup! And the 846 bass ain't all that.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
  8. twiceboss
    well f, i miss my cl2 out of sudden...
  9. cr3ativ3
    I miss mine for gaming :wink: they are really great for it :D
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  10. szore
    I was listening to Renaissance harp music last night, good for that too! ROFL good for anything, really, maybe not metal tho...
  11. Spie1904
    Haha you should just stop reading forums or you will never be happy with your setup.
  12. rustyvinyl
  13. szore
    its been that price for a while now
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  14. rustyvinyl
    Didn't know that. Less than half the price.
    My local RHA retailer still selling the same.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  15. szore
    CL3 coming soon...
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