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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. cr3ativ3
    They have different DACs .. guess they will sound different . But dx120 soundstage is okay . Not extra wide like plenue but not narrow either
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  2. twiceboss
    thanks for quick brief. I guess that's not for me!
  3. cr3ativ3
    Yeah , price ratio is really good for a music only device . It’s my travel dap , where I don’t have to worry about :D as main device ... there are better options available:p
  4. twiceboss
    i ran balance on xCAN today with 3D+ and XBass(Presence) today with zero EQ. God damn, this is so beautiful! No 4khz peak. Vocal is so crisp detail amazing amazing! Love this so much!

    edit: i finally have a confidence to say that this is my endgame for my closed iem. I see no flaw after having this chain. Goddamn
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
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  5. cr3ativ3
    Hey how do you “feed” the xcan? It need a separate dac or ?
    Did you compare the cl2 to the kse already ?
  6. twiceboss
    havent got my kse... it needs signature and it comes tomorrow again for delivery which im at work again lmao... so maybe tomorrow night if i can go for pickup straight away.

    for the xcan, it's a bit hard for me currently since i have no other dac except es100. My xsabre is in shipping as im going back to my country for good, so i just shipped my beloved hd800 and its dac/amp.

    So basically i feed my balance xcan with es100 and the es100 is connected to my desktop just for testing today. The Xbass(presence) is just so good bringing the vocals! gosh i cant say this enough. While the 3D gives the sparkle highs that CL2 lack off. I probably gonna buy a cheap dap that has 2.5 balance just to pair it with my xcan! g o d d a m n this is beautiful pairing!
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  7. 518013
    Been listening to Van Buuren all day today. Damn does the CL2 just slay EDM and trance. Sounds like space age virtual reality.
    This little monitor is getting better by the day, it just doesn't end. Incredible.
  8. twiceboss
    It only happens if you got a correct synergy tho. Mine corrected with ifi dsp. Pretty darn impressed. This is my endgame i guess :wink:

    Edit: that's why many user here jump on this but hating it. It's just love or hate whenever u are lucky enough to get a correct synergy.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
  9. 518013
    True. It sounds miserable out of my phone, its about as good as the source that you connect it to.
    With the WM1A and my desktop DAC, the CL2 just sings, so if you have a good source you are in business for under 500 dollars.
    That is crazy to me.
  10. twiceboss
    Dont underestimate ifi xcan with its DSP :wink:

    Edit: im getting a dap with balance output soon to pair it with xcan since right now i just connect it with es100. Running all balance with usb connected to a phone. Not bluetooth
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
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  11. 518013
    I have never used any amps :)
    I carry my DAPs in my pocket, so stacking would be very hard for me to get away with. Just have to keep everything super portable.
  12. twiceboss
    I understand. But i cant deny myself of loving DSP. I cant live without it. :)
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  13. 518013
    Fair enough. If you ever wanna move to a DAP, look at the Hiby R6 pro, it has very good EQ and DSP.
  14. twiceboss
    I perhaps just gonna go with something similar size of xcan for the sake of convenience. As the xcan amp is already powerful with its DSP, any decend dac should be enough!
  15. cr3ativ3
    Dap with dsp ? Cowon .... :D

    But if he wants to stack it with xcan .. dunno what would be the best “fit”
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