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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. davidmolliere
    So basically from what you're saying, it's highly detailed but not harsh in any way which could have been a concern... detail by way of transparency and clarity rather than boosted highs that can be sharp, smooth detailed that's a very good thing :)
    Glad I made the jump!
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  2. Kitechaser
    Exactly. And its not a clinical sound. Its musical as hell. You can just relax and listen to it all, and just enjoy it. The detail is always there If you wanna focus in.
    I am really looking forward to what you have to say when you get them.
    Burn in is a must, just a heads up.
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  3. davidmolliere
    Great to hear :)

    Yeah I got the burn in part, it's a consensus, I am a bit surprised as the LCD i4 (only planar I have owned btw) didn't change much during burn in unlike some IEMs I have own (notably the Vega) but duly noted I'll go through the 20 hours before jumping to any conclusion!

    You'll get my impressions next week as I am part of the next batch
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  4. AManAnd88Keys
    I'm having the CL2s on burn-in right now, from time to time I check and listen for a couple of seconds. Instrument tone is so, so nice! Dexter Gordon on the "'Round Midnight" soundtrack, just beautiful...

    And imaging is realistic enough (soundstage, instrument size and everything) that I don't think most open full-size headphones can do better.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  5. Kitechaser
    These are gonna be running for the next 3 days continuously. Maybe more.
    I just played kanye west kids see ghost sometimes. And the underlying beat and bass track is coming through so nicely, it was not there in even half as much detail amd quantity yesterday. The overall response and resolution has increased since last night.
    And no, I am not just imagining it :)
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  6. AManAnd88Keys
    My personal reference in the domain of headphones is the Stax SR009 driven by a protoype of MalValves big KT120 amplifier (after some changes it became available as the "Headamp 1"). That setup is heavenly, but it also costs a small fortune. High-end performance equals high-end price, that's the usual rule. But here am with the DX150 and the CL2s, which combined come in at 1.300€ and I find the combination just as enjoyable. I am not saying that they objectively perform the same, that'd be an absurd statement, but I can have the same fun for a fraction of the price. That's honestly mind-blowing to me.
  7. Kitechaser
    The isolation is phenomenal. I am at a store, grabbing some food, and not losing an inch of detail. This design blocks out everything.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  8. McCol
    Went back to the supplied silicone tips this evening after only really using the Comply tips.
    Went for a size up compared to when I first tried them last week. Big difference, better isolation and after a couple of albums think I might prefer them over the Comply tips. Soundstage feels a bit wider and there is a bit more snap and detail to the sound.
    Been using them a Sony zx300 the last couple of days and they continue to impress me in a way that no earphone has done for a long time.

    Splendid work by RHA
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  9. Kitechaser
    Are you using the 4.4mm balanced?
  10. McCol
    Yes got an in ibasso 4.4mm adaptor
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  11. Kitechaser
    Enjoy :)
  12. Kitechaser
    They'd better start making some room on that top IEM list.
    Hella'va job RHA.
    I am glad I waited for these. :)
    Satisfied customer here.
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  13. Kitechaser
    30 hours in, the bass has literally come alive. Wouldn't have even dreamed of comparing these with the Vega 15 hours ago, but the sub bass, oh man, just punches when its present on the track.
    I hope I am not getting carried away with new gear syndrome. Guys please check this and chime in, and tell me I am not imagining this. . :)
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
  14. catalystcc
    Would love to see some comparisons to other similar priced iems like AKG N5005 and Sennheiser IE800s which I own and enjoy very much.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  15. Kitechaser
    Lionsong by Bjork ( vulnicura)
    Give these a listen with the cl2, and thank me later. :wink:
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