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Introducing: BT Transfer Dual Driver Wireless Earphones

  1. jamesbertuzzi
    Greetings Head-Fi!

    A few months back we launched the BT Transfer - dual driver wireless earphones intended for everyday audiophile use.

    A handful of Head-Fi reviews have surfaced so far. We are pleased that the reception has been quite positive.

    We would like to offer up 5 free review samples to members of the Head-Fi community. We will cover shipping within the U.S., UK, and EU.

    Please let us know your interest in the comments section.

    Now for some details:

    Status Audio BT Transfer Dual Driver Earbuds
    • Bluetooth 5.0. w/ aptX
    • Dual driver: balanced armature + 9mm dynamic
    • 8 hour battery charged via Micro USB
    • IPX-5 Water Resistance
    Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 6.45.32 PM.png

    A note on fit:

    We include two distinct styles of "fit-wings" (the silicon pieces that hug the inner fold of your ear).

    We call these "comfort" and "sport" - each come in S/M/L/XL. This covers the vast majority of ear shapes. Here's the explainer card from our packaging:


    A few more product shots:

    BTT-2X_Midnight_View-2_On-Gray.jpg BTT-2X_Midnight_View-3_On-Gray.jpg BTT-2X_Midnight_View-4_On-Gray.jpg


    Our website: status.co/products/bttransfer (we ship to the United States, Canada, UK and Europe)

    Amazon US

    Amazon UK/EU

    Status Audio Status Audio produces high quality minimalist audio products. Founded in 2014 in Brooklyn, NY, with a mission to upend the "price-to-performance" expectations in the audio market. Stay updated on Status Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/hearstatus/ https://twitter.com/statusaudio https://www.instagram.com/statusaudio/ https://www.status.co
  2. whitedragon551
    Im interested. Ive been looking for a nice set of BT headphones for the gym or on airplanes during business trips. These look like they would fit the bill for both.
  3. Nadham
    Hi, I am interested. I have been looking for a Bluetooth earphone for Saturday 5k parkruns. Sports fit will be ideal for me. Thanks.
  4. Tex Irie
    I'm interested as well moreso for gym usage. I workout 5-7 days a week and I would really want to see if that IPX rating and bluetooth signal would hold up to the intensity of my strength training and cardio sessions. Most importantly will they stay put. Right now I'm actively looking for a new wireless earphone/iem with better sound quality than my JBL Pivot.
  5. baskingshark
    Thank you for the kind offer.
    I stay in Asia (Singapore) though, I wouldn't mind paying the shipping charges to get a chance to try out your earphones and give an objective review. Otherwise, good to see more BT gear coming out this year. The advances in BT gear is quite astounding to me the past few months.
  6. kennylim
    Headfi-er in Amsterdam, Netherlands here. Am in the search for BT in-ears for my daily bike commute. Would love to review this.
  7. iMongui
    Hi guys, here from Spain, I can do both languages, Spanish and English if you want to cover more countries range, im looking for a BT pair to be used as mi daily setup when I go out for running with my dogs
  8. bmichels
    Hello. From France. I will be very interested to try and report on your Stratus Earbugs. I will test them with my A&K SP1000

  9. Peddler
    These are truly remarkable headphones - very comfortable fit and superb sound quality. Definitely stand out from the crowd! Very highly recommended!
  10. bvng3540
    Some reviews on Amazon stated the battery lasted only 5.5 to 6 hours
  11. jant71
    I'm sure that the 8 hours is for SBC so aptX and also higher volume levels would certainly give lower battery times. I would like a remote with better buttons than that. Had that kind before and they don't stick up enough and are harder to identify esp. when being active.

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