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Introducing a high quality Bluetooth "Wireless" cable from LEAR!

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  1. lear-hk
    The wireless range of LEAR BTC 01 Bluetooth cable !
    LEAR BTC-01 Bluetooth cable quick start guide!
    Embrace the Bluetooth  revolution! Introducing our first high quality  Bluetooth "Wireless" cable specially designed for earphones with detachable cable design at just HKD$499(USD$65) up!!!
    Just connect the BTC-01 to switchable cable earphones to enjoy a high-end Bluetooth technology.
    Key features of the BTC-01:

    1)Balanced output,usually seen on high grade players such as AK, Onkyo , Cowon etc.
    The design of balanced output can help to reduce the crosstalk and improve the clarity of the sound.
    2)Internal Class AB balanced amplifier stage, the output is over 30mW@15ohm, even better than a lot of smartphones phone out in the market.
    When comparing to some of the similar products, the output is at least one time stronger!
    3)Built in Lithium polymer rechargeable batteries, when charged around 50mins, can have over 3 hours of play time. And it also supports playing music and charging at the same time, when you have portable charger with you, you can extend the using time.
    4)The use of high quality OFC pure copper cable can improve the transmission efficiency and durability. Comparing to similar products, the number of wires is at least one times more.
    5)We've chosen high quality capacitors from Murata Japan, making sure the quality is on point and stable.
    6)We have different kind of version in order to fit with all different kinds of plugs!
    7)Built in high sensitivity microphone to make sure your calls are loud and clear.
    8) Bluetooth 4.0 standard
    9)Connects two device at the same time
    10)Supports PC/Mac and both Android and iOS
    BTC-01 retail prices:

    USD$65 (CM/MMCX Plug)
    USD$91 (IM/IE/UE TF Series)
    USD$103 (FitEar plug and other special requested plugs)

    Order your BTC-01 today via:http://goo.gl/0keaDg  

  2. cityle
    Yeah! A wrieless cable that support the IM series! Might grab one and see how it does. Have you done some test with the ATH-IM02 to see how they sound? Normally the output impedance of  0.9 mOhm should be correct with them but I want to be sure.
  3. lear-hk
    Here is some test results for your interest:
    Please enjoy~
  4. all999
    More pics please, I can't figure out how it works.
  5. goldendarko
    How does this product work? Is it a built in amp or just a wireless cable. Would it work with Campfire Audio IEMS?
  6. Edric Li
    Same here. Maybe they mean something like the sony muc-m2bt1:
  7. twister6 Contributor
    @lear-hk : just to make sure I understood it correctly, no apt-X codec support and 3hr battery life?
  8. twister6 Contributor
    No, I think it will be similar to Westone BT cable
    westone_bt_cable_andromeda.jpg westone_bt_cable_es60.jpg
  9. Sound Eq
  10. cityle
  11. cityle

    Oh btw how do you find them? Are they worth it? Does the sound quality is good with that cable?
  12. twister6 Contributor
    Since this is a thread dedicated to Lear wireless cable, it will not be appropriate to discuss other products :wink:  But I will have a review soon when done testing Westone cable.
  13. Delance26
    Yes more pictures or diagrams would be great, could be an awesome way to make my SE 215's super portable.  Dont want to pre-order if I cannot even see what the product looks like....
  14. NPWS
    can you make the pin for JH Siren Series CIEM ?
  15. Levanter
    Is there a Mic for calls as well? It looks like there is..
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