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Intime SORA: Giant killer IEMs from Japan?

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  1. fairx
    Yeah I read that wrong before. Still looking forward you comparing those two version sound wise.
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  2. issuzark
    I'm from KL and am going to E-earphone during Raya. Hahahaha
  3. fairx
    Syok le.. :D

    No Japan trip for me since 2015. But maybe after Olympic, who knows..
  4. issuzark
    What to do. I almost have to go there every year. I think I'll be keeping a close eye to their used IEM market ahaha
  5. 19vik71
  6. alvinlim2010
    Well it's considerably more expensive to buy from taobao it seems.. At least 50% more than getting in JP. But I guess being left with little choice that's the price to pay.

    Any links to the new 2019 version?
  7. 19vik71
    Delete (The message contained prohibited content)
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  8. sareer007
    Can anyone compare dt6 to sora light ?
    Ymer Niros likes this.
  9. fairx
    Umm guys isn't "that brand" (s****r) rather sensitive here? . Just sayin..
  10. 19vik71
    Maybe. I searched for information about this. Unfortunately I did not find anything.
  11. alvinlim2010
    I have both the DT6 and sora (not the light though). The sora has a more balanced, fuller sound compared to the DT6 that while can, be great in details, to me slightly fatiguing
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  12. rendyG
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  13. HerrXRDS
    Just received the Sora Light 2019. Good sound overall. Pretty close to Crescent with better bass tonality but also more bite in the upper treble which makes them more tiring for me. My biggest issue I have is driver flex. These have no front vent and have some of the worst driver flex, worse than Sony XBA-50AP. They cut the sound on insertion and have to wait to pop back. The sound changes with every face movement, even when smiling. Very tip dependent, with wide bore the treble is almost unbearable, best I've found are Spinfit, Comply and E type. I am listening to them as I am typing this and already pissed me off twice when I moved my mouth and the sound changed. Does anyone else experience such driver flex? For me this is a deal breaker which is a shame as the sound is pretty decent for this price.
  14. 19vik71
    Yes, there is no compensation hole, and this presents some difficulties. And it is not clear what the developer was guided by. But I solve this problem like this: after installing the earphone in my ear, I pull the earlobe down and 'bleed off' excess air. Now you can listen to music.:o2smile:
  15. assassin10000
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