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Interview With Sony: NW-ZX2... Your Questions Answered

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steven r. rochli, Feb 25, 2015.
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  1. Steven R. Rochli
    Hi Everyone,
       Started a new thread so this doesn't get 'lost' in the 127+ pages of the other one. Am going to be chatting with someone who can probably answer virtually ALL our questions about the Sony NW-ZX2. So...
    Please post your questions about the Sony NW-ZX2 in the thread below and will do my best to get them answered considering the time constraint in access to this resource.
    As always, in the end what really matters is that you....
    Enjoy the Music
    Added: Full interview now available at
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  2. Luvdac
    Thanks for this thread. I have 4 questions.
    1 Does the zx2 play dsd natively or converts to pcm?
    2 do i need a special cable to connect it to my ami musik ds5 Dac?
    3 Can it be used as an outboard Dac?
    4 Is there a specific need for the cradle if I need to connect it to an outboard Dac?
    I have an oppertunity to buy one direct from Japan so if someone can answer these questions it would be a big help.
  3. jamato8 Contributor
    Can you once and for all, clear up the question as to balanced or not and if it is, why it isn't part of the description. 
  4. purk Contributor
    Can you please give us your honest take on the sound quality between AK240 and. ZX2 using the CIEMs that you have?  Thanks.
  5. Stealer
    When the music is playing..
    Swipe the screen from R to L and it show the details
    Would like to know what is 12Tone?
    All my tracks indicate ... 12Tone -not analyse..
  6. starfly
    Can you ask them if the microsd slot is limited to 128gb cards, or once 256gb comes out will it support that as well? So does it fully support micro sdxc standard?

    Also ask them what the rated output impedance of the headphone out is and what the rated output power is.

  7. Wnuwk Siphon
    I'd really like to know if the European ZX2 is volume capped, like they did with the ZX1. Thanks :)
  8. Steven R. Rochli
    Will do once I get home, since the AK240 is at home charging and I'm here in Singapore. I can say the NW-ZX2 is better than the AK120II in many ways. More to write within my follow-up review (of my original review on www.EnjoyTheMusic.com ). BTW, also plan to make a custom balanced cable that will hook into my personally customized stereo analog input into the Bentley GTC to see how it sounds there versus the AK240.
    (Raises hand and says) Oh, oh, oh... i actually know this one :) 

    12 Tone is a music analyzer so that if you choose to watch animations on the screen with the music (Gate, Balloon, Glow, Animal, Albums, Graffiti, Ink, etc 'trippy visual effects') they will more accurately follow the music. Your call there if you enjoy watching that groovy moving screen artsy stuff, yet remember it's a battery killer.
    To see what 12 Tone is per se, tap the top right three squares when viewing the album art / normal play and choose "Visualizer" from the drop down menu. One you make a selection and the Visualizer is going, tap the same top right three squares and the drop down says you can:
    Select a theme
    Music analyzer (this is 12 Tone)
    Learn more (to learn more about what you just asked above)
    To quote Sony: To use the Visualizer, 12 TONE ANALYSIS must be performed on your songs. Select Music analyzer from the menu.
    Hope this helps.
  9. globiboulga
    couple of additional questions:
    1 - I have a zx1 and am a bit disappointed to see the base android firmware remaining well behind the curve? What about the zx2? What are the firmware upgrade plans? Is lollipop planned?
    2 - The walkman app on the xperia models is updated very regularly. Why is there a different one on the ZX series? Where can we ask for features? Get those developed and pushed through a simpler solution than firmware update (e.g. market)? For example the ability to play a folder (album) and for the player to continue to the next folder once finished.
  10. Stealer
    thanks, this really helps though I have no use for this..
  11. Mmet
    1-i don't use 24/96 or hi resolution files .. only mp3s, aac and flac 16/44 .... don't use demanding headphones only IEMs .. shure 535 actually ... is getting ZX-2 would be beneficial to me and adds sound quality improvements ? or i can go with lower models like zx-1 ,A-17 or even F880 ? 
    2- does it sound better than DAC/AMP compos like : theorem or centrance HIFI-M8 ? ( Despite the power )
  12. insanewar
  13. Wnuwk Siphon

    On the ZX1 the 12tone analysis is also used by the SenseMe channels.

    Once analysed your music shows up in these 'mood' based playlists. :)

    No doubt this works exactly the same on the ZX2.
  14. Steven R. Rochli
    Alas, I can't ask that as, well... when you learn who i'll have access to you'll hopefully understand that would not be an appropriate question to ask.
    Same goes for ANY other questions about comparo, PLEASE ask those within the other thread at

    A most humble thanks for your understating that we stay on topic as this thread is for those who want questions answered about the NW-ZX2 tech, circuitry, operation, software, design, etc.
  15. spatzi
    Okay,false alarm. My ff and rewind does work on regular sd and internal files, but not on spotify files.

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