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International Shipping professional help needed

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by chawanwit, Jul 9, 2012.
  1. Chawanwit
    First of all, I live in Bangkok Thailand and the local retailer price of the AKG K701/K702 and the Q701 are around $440. This price is more expensive than buying from Amazon in USA. My brother lives in USA, I was wondering if there is a way for my brother to buy one of the headphone from Amazon and send it to me without paying the extra taxes.
  2. obobskivich
    What "Extra taxes" are you worried about?

    In concept he could purchase the headphone, receive it, and then send it to you as a gift (which it is, technically) and there will be no taxation on the US side (but shipping is not exactly free); not sure on the Thai side, but it's probably not ridiculous. Don't underdeclare the value to skirt customs though (aside from being illegal, USPS won't insure over declared value, so if anything happens, you're out the cans).
  3. Chawanwit
    In Amazon it sells for 260 dollars I think and in Thailand it sells for 440 dollars. I read from a thai forum that the 180 dollars more on the price tag is mostly on the tax charged on the headphones.
  4. jjacq

    Maybe the best way for you to do is just wait for your brother to go back there :frowning2:. Sorry about that. But yeah, sending it as gift then underdeclaring the value will not get you enough insurance to cover if it does get lost.
  5. Chawanwit
    Thanks :frowning2: Guess I will have to wait a year before my brother comes back or I will have to pay the expensive price tag in Thailand [​IMG]
  6. obobskivich

    Oh yeah, there's a lot of scenarios where this happens. From friends I've learned that Grado and Koss (both USA made) headphones tend to double (or better) in price in Japan (I've heard that the PRO4/AA is around $250 and the RS-1 is supposed to be approaching $2000 in Japan...:eek:).

    I wouldn't see anything wrong with him buying the K701 for you in the US, and shipping them to you; you should have no issues declaring their value at purchase price (that's how I've shipped headphones to international buyers in other parts of the world - just declare them as second-hand or a gift but declare the correct value (you don't want to say you're the original seller/manufacturer, that will incur taxes and some other forms)). You may or may not have import duties to pay, but they should not approach $180 US.

    You can figure out estimates on the USPS website:
    http://postcalc.usps.com/ (USPS does not estimate customs duties for the receiving country, so check with whatever "Thai Postal Service" (I don't know what it's called in Thailand) has to say about that).
  7. Chawanwit
    Very helpful advice

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