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Intermediary courier service

  1. hifinoob005
    How would one go about delivering a product to an area that Amazon/other merchant does not deliver to?
    Is it possible to contact a courier service and ask them to pick it up from Amazon/other? With the merchants prior permission.

    Or can the Amazon/other deliver it to a courier's warehouse and they would ship it over?
    What kind of services exist?
  2. serman005
    If coming direct from the merchant, does not the merchant have relationships with credible shippers already? If not, that would make me question the validity of that merchant. Anybody in business ships.

    As for a courier other than amazon's picking up a package at amazon for later delivery, I have never heard of that. I would not think that would fit with amazon's ruthlessly efficient business model, but I am by no means an expert on this. Just a guy that has used amazon a whole lot.
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  3. hifinoob005
    This is the product:

    It's a US company, don't ship to the EU.
  4. serman005
    Right. Well, it looks like you might want to look at elite's European site. www.elitescreens.eu. I think I see your item there. If not, it's something very similar in the Cinegrey line. Looks like it is more expensive than from US amazon, but you would have to pay for basically custom shipping from amazon (if you could even do that), so, in the end, price may not be that different after all.
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  5. hifinoob005
    The EU store does not sell the type of fabric I'm interested in. Spoke to them a while ago and noting has changed.

    But sorry, I see that Amazon/Elite does now send this product to the EU, this was not the case.

    This was more a general question, of how to get an item from one point to another if the merchant does not deliver to that country.

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