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Interesting read about headphones in general

  1. germanturkey
    So earlier today, I was out with my friend, and I bought this natural energy drink thing from Wegmans.  6 hours later, here I am.  I was browsing around the internets, and I found this interesting read about headphones, sources, amps, and everything in between.  Since I'm pretty new to this whole audiophile thing, reading the series of articles really filled in some holes in my knowledge.  He even references head-fi a couple of times!
    So here's the link for the first of 5 articles he's written thus far.
    Also, the site is anime-centric, so he has a lot of related pictures.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.
  2. Otakusound
    Moè enough?
    That aside, it was a helpful guide and it's nice to see that on other parts of the internet people are being exposed to smaller names like Koss and Stax.
  3. JxK
    You know, anime girls aside, it actually seems like a remarkably good guide for beginers. Lots of information, mentions diminishing returns, etc. Not bad at all.
  4. momomo6789 Contributor

    why do people always fine the need to bring out the floats !!!!!!!!!!
  5. jjinh

    Because they look so cool!
  6. krmathis Contributor
    Thanks for sharing!
    Lots of useful information, especially for those new-to-the-game.
  7. Currawong Contributor
    It's a pretty good getting started guide to headphones and would be as close to perfect (for beginners, as it's quite generalised) if it weren't for a couple of things:
    First, having a go at Apple about what formats iPods support, a guide is not the place for it.
    Second, his information on digital connections is somewhat out of date, now that quite a few devices support higher than 16/48 over USB. As well, optical and coax are not the same, so, for various electrical reasons, could "sound different".
    Third, saying "tube amps are warm".  Solid state and tube amps can be made to sound any way the designer intends.  Roughly speaking though, cheap tube amps by their simplistic design tend to have a rolled-off treble.
    Overall, it's an excellent effort to write a beginners' guide to Head-fi.
  8. Spearhead
    Nice, learnt something out of it. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Head Injury

    I'm going to read this thing.
    It's a good guide for newbies. Information seemed mostly accurate. Nothing I haven't read before though.
  10. Zeroblade
    Well, I never thought it'd make its way back to Head-Fi! I initially just wrote the articles on a whim after a conversation with someone who asked for help in getting a new pair of cans turned to a half-hour long lecture on audio LOL. I've also made a few edits to the articles that Currawong was referring to to clarify things.

    With that said, I'm going to be wrapping it up with the 6th article about miscellaneous things like cables, power, etc. Is there anything I should talk about without going too far into audiophilia?
  11. dcpoor
    rl/3d moe > animu/2d moe
  12. beamthegreat


    Banzai!!!! Are by any chance also in sankaku complex?
  13. Pepsi
    This is a great beginners guide, but what was up with the anime?
  14. germanturkey
    ^^ everyone loves headphone musume..  (TL note: musume means girl in japanese)
    anywho, well written Zero.
  15. dcpoor
    i love morning musume

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