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Interesting machine from Luxury n Precision

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Tony Ng, Nov 1, 2019.
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  1. Tony Ng
  2. Tony Ng
    the caption says it is the P series.
    all efforts were made to improve sound quality.

    power supply to dac is designed by making reference to that of computer server...(means anything?)

    hundred of high precision resistors。

    non android based OS (which i prefer..less power consumption n lower noise)...

    am trying to download other photos to share..stay tuned
  3. Tony Ng
    equalspeace and gr8soundz like this.
  4. Tony Ng
    Native sound

    our dac is resistors (no chip? howabout fish...haha)
  5. Tony Ng
  6. Tony Ng
    the model is named P6.. A portable streamer with r2r dac..

    Native PCM/DSD playback through resistor ladder(R2R) without conversations.

    playback s/n ratio reaches 12X...(even x=1 is impressive...)
  7. audionewbi
    omg omg omg omg omg omg

    Please, how do I get in contact with them, they have always ignored me.
  8. CJG888
    Is this a first (an actual discrete ladder DAC in a DAP)?
  9. technobear
    Didn't HifiMAN do that already?
  10. Tony Ng
    i usually contact them using wechat....will dig out their email for u...
  11. Tony Ng
  12. Tony Ng
    this is another newbie from them...an android machine..
  13. CJG888
    Don‘t they use a chip?
  14. Tony Ng
    the machine from hifiman uses ti pcm1704 r2r dac...whether this is the first dap with discrete ladder dac..not too sure...

    was vy impressed by their second photo..
  15. maira
    Isnt it a DAC? Would be wrong forum then...
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