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Interesting advert

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by olli1324, Jun 27, 2010.
  1. Olli1324
    Wow.... I just saw an advert offering me Sex in the UK. It kindly showed some examples of the things I may be lucky enough to get up to o.0
    This was the banner ad in the top right corner of the screen. 
  2. jjinh
    Well that's inappropriate - screen cap it the next time you see it and send it to Jude.
  3. midoo1990
    seriously when would the crappy ads be blocked from headfi??i got all sorts of ads except the ones that actaully contains headphones,amps...etc.
    i got sex ads,games ads,skullcandy ads,local mobile couriers ads,google ads.....every kind of ads that is not related to headfi.
    anyone knows a good program to capture web page?i tried one but it is too complex...
  4. momomo6789 Contributor
    print screen + ctrl v -> paint.
  5. Francisco
    Use Ad-Block. Works perfectly for some of us who also dislike this infomercial-style template.
  6. Ham Sandwich
    To get full screen grabs of a browser page you can try:
    For Firefox: Screengrab extension
    For IE: IE7Pro (despite the name it works with IE6, 7 and 8)
    Both can take a screen grab of the entire page (even what you'd have to scroll down to see) and save it as a JPG or PNG.  For the Firefox extension click on the Screengrab icon that is on the bottom right corner of the Firefox window.  For the IE7Pro addon right-click on the IE7Pro icon that is on the bottom right of the IE window.
    Otherwise you can do ALT + PrtScn to get a grab of what is visible in the currently active window.  It will copy the image to the clipboard.  Paste the clipboard contents in an image editor like Paint and save the image.
    IE7Pro has been adding more and more extra garbage to the install with each new update and version.  Pay attention during the install and deselect the extra garbage features.
  7. krmathis Contributor
    That sure is inappropriate ! [​IMG]
  8. Head Injury

    Yeah, share the wealth. Not all of us live in the U.K.
  9. JoeyRusso
  10. Olli1324
    Well I messaged Jude a while back but never got a response. I dunno if it has been sorted or not..
  11. .Sup
    How come I don't get that ad?
  12. wuwhere Contributor


    Different country.
  13. .Sup


    I meant how come I'm not that lucky :p
  14. beamthegreat
    I got some interesting advert today and I took a screenshot of it...
    edit: btw, it is roughly translated as "secret sex tips for your night"
    and heres my history to proof that the ad is not based on my history
  15. tvrboy
    Well, since you were looking at a bunch of sites about Thailand, the ad is based on your history.

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