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Interest check: Portland, OR?

  1. dogwan
    With a Seattle meet on the horizon, any interest/organizers for a PDX meet?

    I haven't been to a HeafFi meet in years. Would rather stay in town or close to it. Tempted to drive up to The Emerald city if there is nothing on the horizon for us down here.

  2. LCMusicLover
    I'm out on the coast, so Seattle is 2 hours further. I'd love to come to a meet-up in Portland. I could drag some gear :)
  3. jostua
    I don't have much gear or experience, but I would love to meet up with some other Head-fi'ers and learn.
  4. Ham Sandwich
    We Portland area folks need to organize a local meet again. We've been in hibernation.
  5. dogwan
    I've been wracking my brain trying to think of where we could get an appropriate venue without much outlay in rent?

    Seems like this would be the criteria...
    • plenty of outlets spaced out around the room (up to code power would be cool too)
    • a ready supply of foldable tables and folding chairs
    • reasonable parking
    • easy (handicap) access for rolling in carts of gear
    • capacity for 25-40 people seated and wandering?
    • Wifi would be great for streaming for some setups.
    Some options...
    • Community centers? Probably charge a bit of rent.
    • Churches? Likely to be helpful if one of the organizers were a member.
    • Lodges? Same as churches
    • Grange hall?
    Any ideas?

    I live in SW PDX near Hillsdale. Will keep asking around and my eyes open. Echo Audio just relocated down the street from me, but I doubt they would want to host again so soon after moving into a and getting settled in a new space.
  6. NightKnight
    Subscribing just in case this ever happens lol
  7. Kukuk
    I'd love to see a Portland meet-up happen. I'd like to bring some of my lesser-known/underappreciated gear to let folks try out.
    NightKnight likes this.
  8. LCMusicLover
    And I could bring my FOTMs (Empyrean, RAD-0, Ether 2) plus my long time faves (Utopia, Auteur, HEKv2, EFO) as well as some electronics.
    Ham Sandwich and NightKnight like this.
  9. NightKnight
    I have AAA 789, D50s,T Phantoms, Fostex thrx00, hifiman 4xx, Sennheiser 6xx. Nothing to crazzy. We could probably meet at someone's house as well?? Some coffee and get to try each other's gear sounds like fun. Also have Darkvoice amp
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  10. NightKnight
    Thiaaudio phantom* I'm actually liking these. Would like to try some LCD2C though :D

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