Interest Check - Denver, Colorado meet Winter 2018/19

  1. arteom

    Wanted to check for interest in a Denver / Colorado meet sometime during this coming Winter or possibly Spring. Previously we've met in the Sam Gary Branch Library in Denver, where we should be able to reserve a meeting room for ~ $70 for a full day (10-5). Would take donations to cover room, normally people pitch in about $5, those who cannot donate are still very much encouraged to attend! Open to meeting elsewhere as well, feel free to chime in on that.

    All would be welcome to attend with or without any equipment. It's an opportunity to hear equipment you may have only read about, spend some time with cans you are considering purchasing, and bring your equipment for others to try.

    Please reply here with any interest and what equipment you might be able to bring, and if you have requests to demo any equipment.

    I can bring -
    Cavalli EHHA
    Rudistor RPX-33 MK2

    Buffalo III DAC
    Soekris DAM DAC

    EnigmaAcoustics Dharma D1000
    Audio Technica A1000Z
    Sennheiser HD-650
    HIFIMAN HE500 w/headband mod
    Audio Technica MSR-7
  2. mhpsd
    Sounds great.
    I could bring:
    Wells Headtrip
    Abyss Phi
    ZMF eikon
    DAC to be decided :)

    What dates are you considering?

  3. arteom
    Hi Mark! If we were to book today, the earliest date we could book would be 12/22. If we take a few weeks to a month to decide, we will probably have to push the booking back by about the same amount. I was thinking first few weeks of February, or late January. Let me know if you have a preference. Would very much like to try the Abyss to see what all the fuss is about!

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