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Interest check - Austin/San Antonio/Houston area fall/winter 2010-11?

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  1. bbophead
    Anything scheduled in this area from now into this winter?
  2. BradAvenson
    I would be interested in meeting some folks.  I'm in Austin.
    Brad Avenson
    Avenson Audio
  3. eertelppa
    I think there is usually a large meet that is held in Dallas in the beginning of the year, maybe January/February. Any additional information on meets though would be appreciated.
  4. Maxvla Contributor
    Dallas meet is usually one of the last 2 Saturdays in January. Bit of a drive for San Antone/Houston though. The Dallas meet thread should be starting up in about a month or so. I'm really looking forward to getting back down there and hearing what's new, and possibly bringing my own piece of new this time.
    While I wouldn't call it large, we typically have about 10 tables of gear and 15-20 members, some with gear, some without. Let's say on the larger side of small. [​IMG]
  5. tux0010
    Austin would be cool. Anyone down?
  6. eertelppa
    I would love one in Austin. Seeing as I drive up there almost once a month it would be another great excuse to leave Houston for the weekend. All though I am assuming my best bet will be the one in Dallas as I could be exposed to a lot more stuff then most others, I assume.
    I will keep my eyes open for any meets.
  7. wompa164
    Count me in [​IMG]
  8. BobSaysHi
    I'll get to that January Dallas meet even if I have to walk. I really need to buy a car...
  9. driftingbunnies
    In for an Austin Meet [​IMG]
  10. cswann1
    I'd go. I don't have a tour-de-force of headphone gear, but I can bring donuts lol.
  11. coffeecupman
    If I'm not working offshore,  my friend Sarah and I will attend.  We went to one in Houston last year and had a really fascinating time -Paul
  12. tux0010
    Hmm how about we try and schedule something then? Maybe meet downtown? Nov?
  13. bbophead
    I'm guessing a couple of things would have to happen.  We'd have to have enough equipment show up to make it worth everyone's while.  Where would any of the interesting high-end stuff come from, like Audeze, Hi-Fi Man, etc.?  Also, someone would have to organize it (unfortunately, I'm not your guy) and have a venue, Brad Avenson, anybody else?  It does seem like a hill to climb.  Suggestions?
    For myself, all I've got is Grado 325is and some very old Stax plus a Peachtree Audio Nova dac/headphone/preamp.  A friend has Grado GS-1000 with Vincent HP amp.
  14. Orcin Contributor
    Build it and they will come. Trust me.
    Find an appropriate venue, schedule it, promote it (here) and the "interesting high-end stuff" will show up.
  15. wompa164
    Just received the AudioGD gear in my signature and currently building a few AMB Mini3s, I'd definitely be interested in showing up wherever it's held.
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