Interconnect Cable Edginess/Overly Bright Sonic presentation Issues...
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  To All Who Wish to Assist:
   I am a relatively recent owner of the Schiit Audio Ragnarok amp. and Yggdrasil D/A converter, (and in theory well broken-in by now...300+ hours on the Yggdrasil and thousands on the Ragnarok).  
    I elected to re-cable with balanced/XLR terminated cables in order to utilize the balanced connections offered by the above components, purchasing these Blue Jeans Cable company's recommended balanced cables:
Belden 1694A Digital Audio Cable : 20 ft., connecting my OPPO DVD player digital output to the Yggdrasil
Canare L-4E6S Star Quad Balanced Audio Cable: 20 ft. cable to connect Yggdrasil analog output to Ragnarok, and 10 ft. cable to connect Ragnarok output to Marchand Crossover, and single-ended interconnects to an Aragon 4004 amp..
  Due to current space limitations/stereo system configuration necessities the interconnects were longer than IDEAL... and prior to the re-cabling utilized a smattering of Straight Wire single ended interconnects, (pre-Yggdrasil), utilizing a Bifrost D/A converter.  In the former configuration, the sonic signature was appreciably more "organic/Mid-Hall".
  My stereo system NOW sounds, (both through my monitors, (Lipinski Sound L-707's), and even my Audeze LCD-2.2's-pre-fazor)), somewhat edgy or harsh from the upper mid-range through the high frequencies, with a digital glare often encountered when playing massed voices, massed strings/upper strings, and just feels hyper-detailed.
  Now I realize that the Yggdrasil is designed to wring out the last bits of detail from digital sources, however, I think that this, (the harshness), is NOT what Schiit Audio designed into their flagship D/A converter, and I seriously wonder if it is the new cables installed in my stereo system. 
  Anyone with experience with the above mentioned cables...?...
  Based on my expressed preference for an organic, mid-hall-center orchestral hall sonic presentation, John Pharo with "The Cable Company" has suggested cable lines/"a full loom" from:
Purist Audio Designs,
JPS Labs
and "Audio Advisor" has suggested cable lines from Cardas...
Anyone who would like to weigh-in on this harshness matter/these alternative choices and/or their own cable experience, their input would be very welcome.
Thank you in advance.

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